Help, Fake Gucci

  1. I've posted this on the Gucci forum to, but think this belongs here.
    The dilema I have is that me being stupid, have bought a bag of eBay that when it's turned up is a blantant fake, poor workmanship, not leather & print used on the tag is all wrong. :crybaby:
    I have opened a dispute up with paypal, but in the sellers description they have said they will not accept returns.
    Do I need to provide proof to paypal that this is fake, etc?
    Quite worried now, I checked out the sellers other items before bidding and they looked good to me & her feedback was 100% positive.

    The seller is adament that it's authentic, but it's blatant that it's not and is now asking me to send it back, then they'll refund, I'm really worried that they'll receive it back & then refuse to refund or even say that it hasn't been delivered.

    Please put my mind at rest!


  2. Nikki -- sorry you got a fake. You did the right thing by opening a dispute. Escalate it to a claim immediately. If you paid with a CC, tell them you received a fake and that you have already communicated with PP.

    Do NOT send the bag back. You may need it as evidence. If you don't have the bag, you can't prove anything. Don't send it back unless eBay/PP tells you to do so.

    Good luck, keep us posted!
  3. normally in a case like this paypal will just tell the buyer to return the merchandise to the seller (with delivery confirmation) and once its recieved a full refund will be given to the buyer. You might want to give paypal a quick call to see if there is anything you need to do in the mean time to help with the decision.