Help Fake Chloe?

  1. The following listing has ended unsold, 260144567425 (lots of fabulous, close-up pics too) and I have been contacted by the seller who has said she wil be re-listing this paddy very soon or was I interested in a buy it now price of £380

    I have two authentic paddingtons one form 2005 and the baby paddington, both bought from a shop so I know they are authentic.

    I have been informed that the other Chloes are possibly fake, and they do not have the 'close-up' pics that the completed listing has. Could the brown one be real and the others fake?

    This listing looks very much like my paddingtons, in fact I am going dizzy comparing the photographs to my bags, please can someone take a peek and tell me if this is the real thing?

    Thank you.
  2. It's probably best to place this in the Chloe Authenticate This thread :smile: People'll probably answer quicker :smile: