Help! Eyelash's go flat after I put mascara on . . .

  1. so I must have the weirdest lashes ever!! I curl them with my eyelash curler and then apply mascara and they go flat! Like stick straight out and I hate it. The only mascara that holds the curl is Revlon's colorstay mascara but I think they've discontinued it b/c I can't find it anymore.

    Does anyone else have this problem and if so, what mascara do you use :sad:
  2. Yes, I have this problem w/ EVERY mascara. . . .

    except. . . are you ready?
    . . . it's not the curler

    Waterproof. It's my secret weapon.
    My curled lashes are perfect only after applying waterproof. Maybe because it dries so quickly? I don't know, but that's the secret beauty tip I've had for years.
    I HATE washing off waterproof, but it's SOOO worth it.
    I use Lancome's Bi-Facil gel and it comes right off.
  3. ^ I'll have to try that because I have the same problem with my eyelashes!
  4. I have the same problem. I've had good luck with Covergirl mascaras, Kevyn Aucoin mascara, Shu Uemura mascara basic and Shiseido volume works pretty well.
  5. I second the Waterproof! All the WP versions I tried are able to hold the curl (Shu Uemura Basic Mascara WP, YSL Aquaresistant) whereas the non-WP ones will make them go flat. Just make sure you get a decent eyemakeup remover...
  6. I'm asian so 1) I have no lashes and 2) the lashes I do have stick straight down. When I curl them the curl lasts for maybe 2 seconds. Oh well.
  7. Oh!!! i'm so glad someone asked this question! I figured I was putting the curler wrong or something!!! I hate waterproof mascara, but I guess I should learn to love them now!
  8. Okay, you have to be careful while doing this and yes I am crazy, but first heat the eyelash curler. You have to use a metal one. I usually put my blow dryer on hot over the eyelash curler for about 20 seconds. I then test the eyelash curler with my fingers to see if it isn't too hot. Then I curl my lashes followed by application of mascara. That is the only way I get my eyelashes to actually curl.
  9. fendigal, have you tried a heated curler?
  10. No, I thought I invented it, where is this available at?
  11. I don't have long lashes so curlers help. Specifically, heated curlers help. I don't usually put mascara unless it's a night out/ a formal party, etc., but when I do, out goes the electric curler. It works with basically any brand of mascara I use.

  12. Thank you guys! This has been sooo helpful for me. Tomorrow I"m going to go and buy waterproof mascara AND heat my curler. :wlae:

    What in the world would I do w/o PF???
  13. I just bought a Sephora brand heated eyelash curler today and it works amazingly.

    I put a little Diorshow on my lashes, seperate with a lash comb, and run the heated curler through my lashes a couple times. It gives a great curl.
  14. The Waterproof Mascara works for me even without heated curler ;)