Help, Eyeing a Couple Bags, Opinions!

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  1. Okay, I have 10% off at, no shipping, no sales tax. So, I'm looking at these two bags. I'm not a small bag person, but these are comparable to my Black Stam, and it's a wonderful size for me. Opinions on these two bags (I'm looking to order both). BTW, I'm a "satchel" person, not crazy about "shoulder" type bags. But, LOVE bags that have an extra strap, like the quilted Rio. My small MJ collection is Brown Hillary, Grey Quilted Casey, Bark Venetia, and Black Stam. Would these be a nice classic addition to my collection?


  2. i would absolutely go with the second bag!!
  3. :yes::tup:
    Both of these would be excellent additions to your MJ family!
    you've got the best of both - classic quilted satchel in the Rio and soft Lamb Classic Paradise Satchel (Not sure which one that is). Are these the colors you're considering as well? If so, I think they are perfect - Beige Rio and Black Paradise; one dark, one light!!

    And if you have a 10% coupon, even better!
  4. ^^Don't get the first one too, June? I'm wanting to buy TWO bags...LOL!
  5. Yes, 10% coupon on-line, and TN has no Bloomies (or any other large store for that matter!) so no sales tax or shipping! And, yes, these are the colors I'm eyeing. Great classic bags? And, they seem to be large enough, but not too large, I hope.
  6. I've been looking at both of those bags as well and I think they would make wonderful additions to your collection. The quilted Rio is classic and elegant while the Paradise Rio is fun yet still classic enough to take into the office. Great choices!

    The Black Paradise is also a Rio.
  7. I really like both.... lately i've been drawn to nude colors like shoes and bags, and i think it would be great for spring. the black rio has a bit of edge to it which is super cool.... i think they're both great additions because they're on opposite ends of the satchel spectrum.
  8. ahahaha! yes, the first is nice too. great choices in fact. i just love that second one :graucho: makes my heart go pitter-pat!
  9. If I could do big bags, I would have bought these two already! They're so gorgeous; I think you'll love both.
  10. i like the first one, very fresh and would catch my eye more. :smile:
  11. They are both really pretty... if you want to get both and can afford it, go for it! :tup:
  12. Thanks, Ladies! I just love the Rio line!
  13. yes, buy them both if you can! they are both beyond gorgeous!
  14. hehe, yes i agree - buy both if you can, but if i had to pick one, i'd go with the paradise satchel! :tup:
  15. Yes yes yes!! These are definitely great choices!! :tup:
    And We'll be twins! ;)