Help! Eye Shadow Color on Asians?

  1. I'm half Asian, and I have brown eyes and an olive complexion. I always feel weird wearing "colored" eye shadows. In fact, I don't think I've ever seen an Asian girl with my complexion wearing any real colored eye shadow, or when I have, it always looked like a little kid playing dress up.

    I usually stick to gold or a shimmery mauve. I've always wanted to wear purple or even green, but I feel like it looks strange (maybe I'm just not use to it?)

    Am I the only one, or do you feel the same way about wearing colors? Any suggestions?
  2. I used to be like this, I would never wear colorful eyeshadows because I feared looking like a clown. Maybe you can go to the Chanel counter or MAC and get a consultation and explain your situation with eyeshadows. They will direct you to some eyeshadows that will compliment your features and show you how to apply it so you look classy, not clown-y. (Sorry..that's not a word LOL)
  3. Thanks for the advice. Do you wear color now? If so, which ones?
  4. My everyday makeup is either a smokey eye or beige/bronze/etc. I usually just do a very neutral eyeshadow with eyeliner, it's enough for me.

    If I do wear color, I love to use MAC eyeshadows. I love Mineralize eye shadows by MAC..but most of the colors are very subtle and blend in with silver/grey liners. I do have like 12-15 pigments that I use very sparingly right above my eyeliner for a pop of color. If you buy some pigments, I can give you some of my favorite colors. I suggest getting vanilla pigment, btw. It goes on as a light shimmer and a little goes a long way so it lasts forever. I love shimmer without color. So when you don't want crazy colors on your eyelid, you can just apply this for some sparkle :biggrin:
  5. a bit shimmer of green together with some bronze or gold will look good on you too:yes:
  6. green would look good on you, or a black smokey look.
  7. many years ago a guy on the beach in Hawaii asked me why asian girls wore colored eyeshadow as it looked fake. have to admit he did have a valid point. i am eurasian and only wear a bit of highlighter under the brow. no eyeshadow. wear what you want.
  8. on most days, i use light beiges and browns. i occasionally use greens, blues, gold, and purple on nights out. i esp. like the green though. i think most asian can pull of some color. just try not to over-do it and pair it with a neutral lip color.
  9. i have this same problem, i too have an olive skin complexion....

    i usually use browns and blacks for my shadow, but i'm sorta starting to branch out into the more colorful shades now (been scared to do it before). i recently just bought a dark purple (FIG I from MAC) and wore it for the first time last Sunday, it actually looked good on me (meaning i didnt look like a clown hhaha).

    my next target now is green. sarsi's suggestion above sounds really interesting (shimmery green with a bronze or gold) so i'm gonna try that next! =)
  10. I have dark brown eyes and a olive-ish skin tone. I wear lots of smoky colors such as charocoal/dark grey, shimmering blues and purples. Brown and Taupe colors don't look right on me. I recently purchased Laura Geller's baked eyeshawdow in Forest Mist (green color) and it greatly compliements my skin tone. HTH.
  11. What a stupid thing to say that coloured eyeshadow on asians look fake (twin 53's hawaiin guy)!! You could easily say that coloured eyshadow on every other ethnic group looks fake, since who naturally has green or blue or pink eyeshadow on their eyes???!!
    Anyway, guccilove, MAC have a beautiful shimmery dark green/deep brown eyeshadow called 'club'. It's very subtle and I think a gentle way to get used coloured eyeshadows.
  12. I have this problem too. I just take some time to sit in front of the mirror and play with different colors.
  13. Thanks for all of the great advice! I'm going to go to the make up counters tomorrow and try some out. I will let you know what happens ;))
  14. i have medium-olive complexion (not as dark as my avatar, though... that pic was taken after my vacation) and i find it easy to wear colours. for daytime, i say stick to pinks and neutrals (matte to velvet-y finish) and at night, there are endless choices! i love shadows with lots of lustre and shimmer! i tend to like cooler colours like purples and blues.

    also, i think the key is not what you're applying but how you're applying it. try different techniques and different colour combinations first before finding your HG. hope that helps!
  15. thanks chinoisbabe!!! ill be returning a blush at mac so i will be checking out the 'club' shadow tomorrow :smile: