Help!! expensive city or cheap day?

  1. When I stared my search for my first Balenciaga I asked your opinions on whether I should get a day or city. In the end I decided I had wanted a City. I also had decided I wanted a light pink/rose bag. Now I am at a loss because I've found a rather inexpensive Day in pink for less than $300 and I've also found a good deal on a City, but it's more expesive ($999). I totally cant decide what to do. If I buy the Day bag I can probably find another great deal and get 2 new handbags for the price of the City. But I really like the City bag!! I dont know what to do! :confused1: What do you all think? THanks so much!
  2. Are you sure the day bag is authentic? $300 sounds like too good of a deal. If it is real then I would definitely get that... you can always get the city bag later.
  3. I'm pretty sure it's authentic, I posted it here and one of the Day experts said she was pretty sure it was real. That's my thoughts too, since it's such a good deal it would be silly to pass it up, But then I wouldnt want the pink city, and I really like the city in pink! But I guess I could always get another color city, they are all gorgeous.
  4. I dont like the day style on me but it is a very gorgeous versatile bag regardless of color and at that price I'd go for the day! you can always find another city later on and at that 999 price too! good luck!
  5. Another thing about the Day vs the City in the light pink, is that with the Day it will probably be carried over my shoulder more so the handle wont get so dark where as with the City since the pink is so light the handles will get really dark but not blend well with the rest of the bag.
    All signs point to the Day, but I still cant help feeling like I'm missing out if I turn down the City. Maybe I'll start searching for another color City I really like, to distract myself.
  6. If it's the pink bag I'm thinking of (on that auction site), you never know where the price will end up...a lot of people wait until the last minute to make a, if you can, I would wait and see if the price stays where you want it, then get it, if it goes higher, skip it and get the city. If it's not the bag I'm thinking of, and you know for sure you can get it for less than $300, I would say buy it! :tup: That kind of deal doesn't come around too often!
  7. I would get the city, but I'm not a fan of the day.
  8. I'm pretty sure it's the bag you're thinking of. I saw some other people asking about it's authenticity.:crybaby: Of course, I only found this out after I was sure I wanted the Day. eBay can be the source of so many joys, but also for so many let downs. We'll see what happens.
  9. Buy the bag you love
  10. I have to tell you I wouldn't get an '06 rose pink bag that is used without seeing it in person first. It photographs looking nice, even if it is yellowed and dingy.
  11. I agree with Fiat! And as Bern said, buy the bag you love!
  12. I hear you! I took awhile for me to find a bag I wanted that didn't go over a price I could pay...good luck to you! :smile:
  13. get the City =) more versatile
  14. good point.
  15. If the day is authentic and in good condition, I'd get the day