Help! Exchange Black Lambskin Flap with Silver HW for Gold HW?

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  1. Hi, I am so confused. I have read all the threads on here regarding SHW and GHW. Please...of the two bags pictured below--one with SHW and other with GHW--which would you choose?

    The SHW picture is the bag I actually own, but thinking of exchanging for GHW.

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  2. I think this is the age old question on TPF!!!!

    I like both, can't really say one over the other, Depends on what you like, and what you will feel most comfortable wearing?
    Do you have a black bag with silver accents already?
    If so maybe get the gold
    If not and you have mostly silver toned accesories then keep the silver!!!!

    Or get both
  3. for me, black m/l LAMB must w/ gold - ultimate classic!
  4. Agree!
  5. ~SHW~~~~
    but depends really . if you r more a gold person. then good to have GHW.
  6. yes yes to what purse-nality said
  7. I too agree with purse-nality. However, my first flap was the black jumbo caviar with SHW. LOL! I also not too long ago purchased the black maxi with GHW too. So, there is definitely room in a fashionable gal's collection for both hardwares. ;)

    If you tend to be more casual, I would recommend keeping the SHW. If you are usually rocking a dressier look, exchange it for the GHW. Tough but fun decision - good luck!
  8. I would always pick silver HW over gold for all my bags so my choice would be silver.
  9. Hard call. It's all personal preference really. I do agree that lambskin w/ GHW is more classic while silver is more modern. I personally prefer the silver as that's my hardware of choice.

    Ultimately, it comes down to what you feel works best for you. Either way, your purse will be gorgeous.
  10. I got the black lamb med/large with gold hardware first and then i cant resist getting the black lamb jumbo in silver hardware for a more casual and modern look
  11. My jewelry piece are all platinum, but I couldnt resist the Gold hw. I have no issues about mixing gold and silver.
  12. oh what a dilemma~~ It's funny... I bought caviar with g/h... after some time, I wished i had gotten s/h so it could be worn more casually... I think we want what we can't have... Now I really like the g/h... it is classic chanel. My SAs told me to go with the g/h for that reason and it seemed to pop with what I was wearing the day I bought it. In the end, it is your decision. Try seeing what kind of outfits you have and wear most and see if your silver looks good with them... if you think that gold would be better.. maybe you can exchange it. Good luck! :smile:
  13. ita!
  14. prefer gold
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