Help! Everyone!!

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  1. I just got a color transferred from my black shiny legging to my white patent 2.55. How to clean the mess? Anyone please?:sad:
  2. Leave the stained area as is & take it to your closest boutique! They saved numerous dramas for me!
  3. Non-acetone nail polish remover on a cotton swab. I've also seen some people say they used baby wipes - but I'm not sure exactly which ones.
  4. I tried baby wipes and leather cleaner for the patent leather, neither of them is working. Does anyone know if the boutique has this kind of service?
  5. Good luck - prayers are with you!:crybaby:
  6. According to the care booklet, light colored patent leather should not be placed adacent to dark colored materials (color migration phenomenon) for long perods of time. What you have is color migration and it doesn't sound good. Best to take it to the Chanel boutique asap and hopefully they can reverse the migration or at least prevent further damage. Good luck!
  7. omg, this happens to some of my patent shoes too. i was told that i need to store my patent shoes separately, the left side has to store in a separate dust bag from the right side, otherwise, the colour will transfer from one to the other. don't wipe them with anything yourself, cos if you wipe them with water, they may not be able to clean it. there is something called soft gum from shoe shop that claims to remove stains on patent leather, i tried it once myself, but it doesn't seem to work last time, the SA cleaned it for me, she said maybe the stain was on the shoe for too long, and couldn't be clean, but i guess it might be because i tried to clean it with soapy water. good luck with your bag!
  8. I would definitely take it to a boutique. That's the problem with light-colored patent - color transfer, which is typically permanent. I will cross my fingers that yours will come clean. I'm so sorry that happened to you!
  9. I guess there is nothing I can do, so I am wondering if the boutique has this service, what are they gonna do with it? Are they gonna send it to France?:sad:
  10. i wud definitely play safe and send it to ur local chanel boutique or a place which deals with repairing designer handbags, they wud know what to do.. good luck! i wud advice to not fix it urself to play safe
  11. Chanel will probably send them to a local cobbler. They do that for all my shoe repair needs.