help everyone !!

  1. hi everyone!
    iam new to this forum. probably alot of female in this
    forum iam the odd 1 out ! im here because i want to learn about handbags so i can choose what to buy for my girlfriend! her bday in in 30 days.

    i think she like chloe but iam not sure! lol . which one would you guys recommend and are most popular out of the chloe range!!
    i hope everyone can help me out!
  2. Welcome!

    mmm...can you tell us what style your gf is?

    Is she chic, casual, formal...etc? It would help if you can describe her a bit more.
  3. sorry, female 20 year old asian, 1.62cm tall, slim ! i would say shes casual!
  4. I would suggest a paddington, you can never go wrong with them!
  5. does the paddington have any sizing ? or it is 1 size fit all?
  6. Paddington has different style. I will suggest a Paddington Satchel... the regular kind.. I guess...
    Here is a picture.

    You have to find out whether she likes monogram (logo) bags or not... if she does, i think Gucci or LV is a better choice..
  7. Yeah, totally agreed with Ali w: a paddington should be the best gift... You can carry it with everything

    Anyway, so cute from you come here and find out a solution for your GF! good man ^.°
  8. I second, Ali's vote for sure!!!! They have all different sizes. My favorites are the classic medium size paddy and then the baby paddy. Here is a picture of a baby paddington and in a very nice color that can go with alot of different color clothing. Diabro is a good place to buy from too. They are authentic and reasonable.
    By the way, you are such a nice boyfriend:yes:!!!!!
  9. you should find out if she minds carrying a heavy bag though...One reason I haven't gotten the paddy is because of the weight of the lock.

    If she doesn't mind, then the Paddington is a great choice.
  10. If she's small the baby Paddy is a great choice and it' won't bust the bank account as bad!
  11. ahh such a lovely boyfriend.

    I was also thinking the Chloe bay shoulder bag would fit the bill, its lovely and smoochy, lighter than the paddy and has just gone on sale.

    Whereabouts in the world are you buxz and we could maybe help you with some special offers available at the moment :smile:
  12. wow nice bag!!

  13. iam from australia!
  14. i think i probably get the paddington! but what colour do you guys suggest? and where will they sell this colours! any site on the net that sell these bag for reasonable price?>
  15.,, and are all having good sales on their handbags.