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  1. I really need help on this one..have posted b4 but didn't really get a lot of feedback...

    I'm in love with the Damier Sarria Mini...should I trust this Ebay seller!?? Please help!!! The auction is ending soon!!!

    The buyer has 100% feedback, but one of her buyers complained that one of the items she bought was a fake..what do u guys think? She has sold many LVs b4 with positive feedback.

    I have had mixed comments so'd appreciate any help!
  2. I think I had someone once tell me this seller is legit.But I'm not totally sure. Have you contact Carol at to have her authenicate/say it's fake this for you? She is a HUGE when it come to Louis Vuitton on ebay. :yes:
  3. I wouldn't buy from her. She seems kinda rude and unprofessional. It seems that she's sold a fake LV before:

    Follow-up by sandi42720: FOUND OUT FAKE..BUYER BEWARE..HARD TIME WITH REFUND....... May-17-06 16:05Reply by rhegin: lol.picture shows it. your just showing how idiot u are

    Reply by sandi42720: Sold me a FAKE Louis Vuitton wallet. Gave me a hard time about refunding. May-16-06 22:30Follow-up by rhegin: IDIOT, IGNORANT, DONT KNOW HOW TO SPOT FAKE. CHECK MY FDBCK
  4. I wouldn't buy anything from this seller, she certainly needs to take up a class on proper customer service, HOW RUDE!:rant: