Help Everyone! Leopard Adele or Stephen???

  1. Hi everyone. I'd love to hear your opinions on whether or not I should exchange my Leopard Stephen for an Adele??? :wtf: I originally had my name on a list for the Adele, but it never arrived, or they skipped me. lol. Anyway, now I have a chance to get the Adele & exchange my Stephen. :nuts: What do you think?? The Stephen is really big, & would be used mainly for travel (I already have a mono Keepall 45. The Adele I would use as an everyday bag. Let me know what you think. Thanks a million. :wlae: Here are some pics of me with the Stephen. I'm about 5'7".
    S7 (2).jpg S5 (3).jpg
  2. I think the Stephen looks fabulous on you!! I really love this bag!! Have you tried on the Adele yet? Maybe try it on first before you make your decision.

    If you end up liking them both then you could just figure out which one you'd use the most?

    Hard choice....good luck!!
  3. Kathy, I honestly think that you will get more use out of Adele! But Stephed DOES look FABULOUS on you!!!:graucho:
  4. Thanks Kim. No, I haven't tried on the Adele. It would be mailed because I live 5 hrs. away from the store. That would be a great idea though to have it mailed & look at both of them together. I would probably use the smaller one more often.
  5. The Adele seems to be a more functional bag.
  6. I say...the Adele.
  7. I agree with Irene, I think you'll use the Adele more, but I love the way the Stephen looks on you !!!
  8. Thanks Irene. I also think that I'd get more use out of the Adele. Stephen is a great bag, but huge to take to a football game or restaurant. lol. Stephen is great for going on an all day shopping trip to put everything in it. I have till tonight to decide. They are holding it for me.
  9. Thanks Bagsnob, elle, & icechick. I think eveyone likes the Stephen, but you think I'd use the Adele more often.
  10. I have the Stephen and love it. I use it as an everyday bag, and love the extra room, but if it is to big for you to use everyday, then I would get the Adele. For the $$, I would get a bag that I could use and LOVE everyday! (but the Stephen does look great on you!!!)
  11. You look marvelous with the Stephen and I sure as others have said you'll get more use out of the Adele.

    IMO... You probably look fabulous in either...:love:
  12. Hi Kathy,

    You definitely look great with the stephen...but I personally think the adele looks better. The smaller size makes it look way cuter!
  13. Mcg, do you have the mono or leopard Stephen? The mono is smaller & more of an everyday bag. I really like the size of the mono better. Just wondered.
  14. Thanks Pinki. And the Adele is $900. less!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:yes:
  15. And if bigger bags go out of style, I'd be screwed. :confused1: If I lived 10 min. away from a LV store like you, I'd also be screwed. :roflmfao: