HELP!! everyday bag...cerf tote, medallion or grand shopping tote?

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  1. Hi all, could you suggest me one of this three for everyday bag? I'm an in-house graphic designer in a retail company (clothing line), most of my weekdays i'll spent at work and I need an everyday bag for office and at the same time works great for night out and weekend... I initially intend to get a jumbo flap, but i think it will be too much for work as in my colleagues were never be a branded type-of-person or carry branded stuff... the least you could expect to see a branded bags in my office are coach, kate spade, thats why i want something more humble and not so WOW factor like jumbo flap...any suggestion? I love medallion but GST cost the pretty much the same and now I'm torn.. I also love how Taylor Jacobson wears her cerf tote very well on Rachel's Zoe project. I'm open for discussion, thanks all!!:yahoo:
  2. Based on your requirements, I would say go for the GST
  3. Gst
  4. definitely Cerf Tote... very classic and not too obvious!
  5. I love Cerf Tote too! I would go with that one as well.
  6. Yeah, go with the Cerf Tote, classic and not overly flashy
  7. Cerf tote for sure. It's much more subtle than the GST or any of the flaps, and it looks perfect for work.
  8. my vote is for the GST
  9. Cerf...GST has a big CC logo on it which might be too much at work.
  10. Cerf tote! It also comes w/detachable strap so if you are in a hurry or need your hands free, it's a blessing! I own both GST and Cerf in white, GST is more of a 'loud' bag w/all the quilting and huge CC logo, so it hardly made it to work, while Cerf is very muted and I love the dechable strap plus pocket :yes:
  11. I vote cerf. I used to own 2 gsts and found out I don't like them so much. Mine were very stiff and boxy. They tipped over in the car all the time. The straps weren't so comfortable and one always slipped of my shoulder.

    I have a cerf now that I just adore. It is elegant and subtle. I think it a perfect work bag.
  12. GST. I'm bias and love mine. ;)
  13. I have the Cerf Tote and use it almost daily for work and have for the last 3 years :yes:
    It is my favorite bag! I like the Medallion but it was too small for me.
  14. cerf... simple classic design, work purrfrect!
  15. cerf!!!!!!!!