Help!! Eva or favorite LV??

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  1. I'm torn between Louis Vuittons Eva or the Favorite (pm size). If anyone has both or ethier which do you prefer/did you get? I love them both and they're so close in price that I'm not sure which I love more!!
  2. I have and love them both, but I tend to use my favorite much more!
  3. the favorite does tend to crease on the flap. Mine is approx 1 1/2 year old and i`ve use it not more then 10 times and it shows minimal crease too.

    IMG_4406.JPG IMG_4407.JPG
  4. Both are great bags and you can't go wrong with either.

    Would you consider have an Eva and a favourite mm ? This is what I did when I couldn't decide . I got the Eva 2 years ago and still love it and got the favourite at Christmas . I did order both the mm and pm but as you know they are of a similar size so the mm is a nice step up in size from the Eva.

    It also depends on what you will use it for and if a zip closure will be better or a magnet closure will be fine.

    What print are you thinking.
  5. I love both of mine and I could not pick between them.
    I thought I might of seen a slight crease on my favourite so instantly filled it up inside with bubble wrap and keep it that way while not in use and it is holding perfect shape.
    It's over 1 year old
  6. I had the same issue and went for the Eva because it zipped at the top instead of a flap. It's a great "day into night" bag because when traveling, I can keep it in a tote or a Speedy unzipped with my zippy coin purse, key cles, phone and lipstick in it. It's like a bag organizer. When it's night time, BAM, I just take it out of the day bag and it's all dressed up and instant clutch with all my stuff already in it!

    Edit: It also dresses up nicely with bag charms! Here's a cross-post I did of my Eva with charms on it.
  7. Hi I am wondering if the iPhone 6plus fits inside Eva ?
  8. personally, i wouldnt ever get a magnetic closure on a bag. i feel like that's asking for trouble.
  9. I have both and the favorite is my favorite. LOL
    My eva feels a little too casual for me. I don't like the extra inch of fabric for the zipper tab either.
  10. I had both and just sold the Favorite. It's a pretty bag but I was always paranoid about the magnetic closure not being secure enough so I hardly used it. We travel a lot and I prefer the security of the Eva's zip closure and it's such a handy size to store inside a bigger bag to use as a clutch for dinner or small bag for going sightseeing. It's a very versatile, useful little bag.
  11. I debated between Eva and Pallas clutch. I got the Pallas and love it so much. Very elegant and no big metal plate to scratch up.
  12. I've the Eva and love love love it. I like the favorite but my friends tell me the flap pops open a lot.

    Good luck with your choice.
  13. Eva is more carefree than the favorite because of the zipper closure and I don't think you have to be too careful with how you store it (I'll explain). With the Eva, you do have to be careful about the big plate getting scratched if you are buying it on DE or DA. I sold my Eva because it was too long on my body and I didn't love the shape. I LOVE my favorite mm. It's a great size, fits a lot but don't overfill it because then the magnetic closure will pop open. I am short so it looks good on me cross body, unlike the Eva. With the favorite, you do have to store it carefully - stuffed and flat on its back. Hope this helps.
  14. Just happened to be at an LV store with my friend who wants to buy a Favorite MM, she backed down when she noticed the one on display also had a crease...
  15. I would love to own a monogram favorite mm. I might buy that next year on my 10th year anniversary at work then maybe Eva preloved on fashionphile.
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