Help! Europe Trip Dilemma!

  1. I'm going to Europe for two weeks in Sept, and my last stop is in Paris. We leave on the 15th, so if the Fall line up debuts, I may have to make a morning stop to LV for the Mirage speedy. Do you think they would show it to me before the 15th? I'd rather go on the 14th, and not feel rushy to make it to the airport in the early afternoon.

    Question is though do I have to waitlist for it? It seems like it's a popular item, will I have to be waitlisted in that particular store? If so, how would I do that from New York?

    Second question is taxes. I wanted to get some LV items from Paris because I heard it was cheaper especially with the VAT refund. But I think the customs limit is only $800, and so with the import taxes added, will there be any advantage?

  2. I don't have answers to any of your questions, but I thought if I posted a reply at least it would bump your thread to the top again for other tPFers to help!! :tup:
  3. Thanks for being so thoughtful :smile:
  4. I suggest you try to get on the waitlist in Paris. From what I know their shops are so busy. Sometimes people are lining up in the street before opening hours. Regarding VAT - I know in Denmark (which is also a Schengen) state there's no limit. Check out the French Consulates/Embassy website. You should find some info there.

    Enjoy your trip and I hope you are able to get the Mirage Speedy.
  5. How about u buy it and then use it immediately as a carry on bag on the plane?
  6. Have a great trip
  7. If I use it, can I not get the VAT refund? I thought that was how these things work? Not too sure though, never did the VAT thing before.

    But do you guys think the Mirage speedy will be popular enough to need to be waitlisted? I'm pretty new to all of this!

  8. sounds like fun, update us alright? Enjoy. :yes:
  9. Hi, I've travelled to Paris multiple times and the Champs-Elysee LV is awesome, you'll love it! I was told that since that location is almost all tourists, there is no waitlist available. It is first come first serve and you may luck out and get the mirage speedy (they are really strict about release dates there though). I would probably suggest that you go first on the 14th, talk to the sales people and see if you can reserve one of the mirage speedys (I have no idea if they can even do this) It's a VERY busy store and my recommendation is that to get help, go directly to the 2nd floor. You have a better chance of flagging down an SA there.

    In regards to the VAT refund. US customs limit is $800 per person. If you are travelling together with friends or family, maybe you can have them report the other bags for you. For the VAT refund, LV will process the paperwork for you, but note that the CDG airport in Paris has VERY long lines for the custom stamp on the form. Go early so you can get the paperwork done before you leave. If you have any questions on the detaxe process, PM me and I'll try to dig out a lengthy entry I wrote about how to do this on TPF.
  10. Let us know whether you got the bag on the 15th. If that's the case, where there's no waitlist in Paris (hard to believe at that store) i will be sending my sister in law there for my future buys...
  11. Good luck and have a wonderful trip! Be sure to let us know how it goes!
  12. Thanks! I'll send you a PM if I can't find your post.
  13. Have fun on your trip!!!