Help! Epsom v. Chevre Azap

  1. I need a bit of help from Azap owners. I'm going to purchase an Azap Combined, but cannot decide between Epsom and Chevre. What has been your experience with wear on these leathers? Which do you recommend?
  2. I have used my Azap Combined in chevre daily for a year and it shows no signs of wear whatsover. I really love chevre, so that would be my preference...
  3. I don't own any of these leathers so I can't tell you anything about signs of wear but I prefer the look of Chevre so my vote would be for that ;).
  4. Chevre is my top choice....I don't like the feel of Epsom.
  5. I feel like Epsom is a great workhorse leather. Fishfood has a blue jean Epsom Azap wallet that I have seen IRL and it looks great. I have a Chevre Vision II Agenda with CC and it looks great and I have used it nonstop for six months. I have to say that there have been a few impressions in the leather from pressing other items in my bag but it doesn't distract from the gorgeous sheen and feel of Chevre. I think you'll be happy with either one. HTH.
  6. Chevre !!!!!!! all the way !!!!!!
  7. This. Yup.
  8. Epsom is great for a wallet esp in Azap. Mine has been in use for a year and still looking good! I'm a huge fan of chevre but for a heavy duty usage wallet, I would go for Epsom.
  9. Yes, I agree. I have mine for 2 -3 years, maybe? Epsom.

    I think what's important, is what's available that you can get right now. Getting a colour that you desire would probably be more important than the type of skin? I mean you can want a particular skin but if the colour isn't pretty in your eyes, then it wouldn't be much fun, would it?
  10. ^ Agree. Notwithstanding, if you are after a bright wallet, both Epsom and Chevre take colours BEAUTIFULLY!

  11. I've been offered an Iris Epson and a Violet Chevre. This is my dilemma, since I'm a purple girl.
  12. I much prefer chevre. But you can't go wrong with epsom either, so choose based on colour, maybe? ;)
  13. Violet Chevre then!
  14. Violet Chevre all the way!!
  15. I defo prefer chevre over epsom. Just don't like the feel or look of epsom at all.