Help! Epi Speedy or Trouville?

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  1. Ladies..
    I need help..

    My DH asked me yesterday which bag I want for X'mas :sweatdrop: I'm thinking of..

    - Monogram Trouville (my fav LV model of all time, to date).
    - Vernis Roxburry Drive (Hazelnut..Noisette rite?)
    - Epi Red Speedy (25 or 30)??

    I used to carry my sis Mono Trouville.. And now that I have moved to London I am thinking that maybe I should get one for myself..
    But one thing I must admit is that Monogram Trouville is not versatile to suit every dressing/occasion.. So chances of the bag just sitting in the wardroab is high.. But it wd be pleasing for my eyes of course when everytime I open my wardroab! :nuts:
    Btw, I prefer the Mono.. Not that interested in the MC since my MC wapity had color came off (just within 2months) despite of the TLC I have been giving it..:hysteric:

    Anyway, I was browsing and just took notice of the Epi Red Speedy - and totally fell in love with it! (err..tho before this I have never really like any Speedy...sorry speedy lover..).
    But the issue of the small opening of the Epi 25 kinda worry me.

    Any advise/feedback/vote between these 3 bags would be greatly appreciated.
    Merci!! ;)
  2. i'd go for the red epi speedy!
  3. Personally, I looove the Red Epi Speedy(but I am biased because I own and love one. lol). *But*, if the Trouville has been your favorite LV model of all time and it will make you happiest owning it(despite how often you will use it), you should get it.
  4. The red Epi Speedy is hot...and weatherproof!

    I looked at the Trouville last week. My problem with it was the handles are smaller than the Speedy. It didn't rest on my forearm as comfortably.
  5. Trouville all the way!!! :biggrin:
  6. trouville
  7. trouville!
  8. I love both Trouville and Epi Speedy...arghhhhhh!!!
    OK, if I have to select one, I'd say EPI SPEEDY 25!
    Yay, the Red is so HOT but I'm not sure how easy to match with your outfits!
    I have Epi Speedy 25 in Black, Brown and Mocha...definitely I love them all!!!
  9. Definitely Trouville......i like it better than speedy... and u've always longed for it...there!! u won't have to carry ur sis' anymore....

    i don't think trouville will be any less versatile than speedy....u can carry it for work or it looks cute and cool with a pair of jeans....don't be afraid to experiment trouville with different outfit!! so ur beloved trouville won't have to stay pretty in the closet :smile:
  10. Mono Trouville hands down!!!
  11. ^^^ I second that!
  12. Trouville. It's actually very versatile. I think that it goes with most outfits like the mono speedy. :yes:
  13. i love the Trouville. personally i think it looks best in the Multicolore line, but it's veyr pretty in the Monogram too
  14. But one thing I must admit is that Monogram Trouville is not versatile to suit every dressing/occasion.. So chances of the bag just sitting in the wardroab is high

    From the choices you have I think Mono Trouville is the most versatile. You can't carry your red epi in every outfits

    My vote is mono trouville
  15. i vote trouville! good luck with your choice.