1. Im thinking of getting one of this from a seller off eBay, anyone would be able to advise which would be better? Or rather of higher value?

    Epi Fawn is discontinued color? How about Epi yellow?

    Note: Epi French Purse 7" x 4" not the usual 5"
  2. both colors are discountinued already, are you sure both items are auth? if not, post the links to LV Shopping's Authenticate This thread to confirm. I'd get the Fawn since is much a rare find and the color is dazzling!
  3. I guess you'll take it from Yahoo, right? Those are the items of my best friend on Yahoo ;) I personally ever saw those items and the I think correct name for Yellow French Wallet she's selling is Yellow Continental Viennois wallet
  4. Thanks Classic Chic for the reply! Love your collection! Great pics you have!
  5. Haha, no need to authenticate cos' im confident she's selling the legit stuff! just need some opinion!
  6. I'd get the yellow... yellow Epi is hot :upsidedown:
  7. It's not the usual 5". That's why the name Continental Viennois. I think this is the long version, right koshiru?
  8. I just bought a yellow EPI, so I said the yellow FP. (what the fawn color looks like?:shame:smile:
  9. hahaha actually im not quite sure of the actual name of the Epi fawn wallet.

    Oh so Yellow Epi is still available in the LV store? I wanna buy something that can't be bought from LV store as its discontinued.
  10. :blush: thanks:shame:

    Yellow Epi has been discountinued as well as Fawn, Fawn is like Bronze color, orangish brown.
  11. Thought that fawn called as Porte-Etui Papiers? :shrugs: Someone please correct ;)