HELP! EPI BLACK! Montaigne PM vs GM

  1. I am a newbie to this forum. I got my first LV, the red epi passy last Oct! It is my anniversary gift from my DH! Now it is my favorite bag! :yes:

    However, after I saw those pictures of new epi Montaigne, I was caught in it too! The pictures from Narkeasha (Ivoire GM) and Ichelle (Black PM) are just Gorgeous! ! It is really headache for me to choose. Since there is no LV store within 200 miles from my place, I cannot try it by myself. So please please help me to choose one! Black EPI Montaigne------GM or PM?Thank you for your opinions.

    BTW, I am 33 and 5'2". Very slim person. Love to carrry medium to large size bag.
  2. well, with your size, you can carry both perfectly ;) unless you are very short and small like me who just 4'7" lol
  3. I always push for bigger bags- better being too big than too small. But then again, you could always exchange- you're only out some shipping.
  4. I also love the montaigne bags. I think that I am in love with the epi black montaigne pm. See wishilist below!!
  5. welcome to tPF lizzieli!

    not sure if you got a chance to look at my thread on the Ivorie GM or not but i got the GM size for myself because i really love big bags. i also really like the flap with the hardware on the front in addition to the lock n key detail. and the back pocket too. plus, i carry a ton of stuff and require a larger bag for all the things i carry (or will possibly carry) as a larger bag never hurts.

    i'm 5'0" but not thin by any means so i've always gone for bags that are larger that suits my body frame/shape. however, i think this would suit someone very thin as well.

    i did look at the PM size but i prefer the larger size for the reasons i listed above. however, it's still a very cute and gorgeous bag. they do offer the PM in red or black whereas the GM comes in black and ivorie. so if color is an issue, that might be the way to decide as well.

    feel free to ask if you have any other questions. :smile:
  6. go for big bags love :smile:
  7. I like the GM because of the hardware, it makes the bag for me!
  8. Thank you for your advice, Suminasaii, Valleyoppressed, Tauketula, Nakolulu, Berrypuff, Sphere99!

    I am so sorry for the late reply. I got sick last week. The weather is terrible recently. It was over 70 degrees last week and during the weekend, it was snowing here!! It makes me to think if the global warming is getting worse, I need to bring a bigger bag runing for my life. So I am going to get GM or Epi 30! I will order both and see which fits me better. :smile:
  9. I love the GM. I'm hoping to get mine very soon.:smile:
  10. I got the ivoire PM a month ago and love it! I am 5' 10" and medium framed...I too love big bags and the PM was big enough for me. The GM does have nice hardware tho'...whichever one you choose, you will love it!
  11. GM for me