Help! Epi Alma or Epi Passy PM???

  1. Help me decide! I have to go with black becaue I need an everyday bag. This is my first epi purchase and I am so torn. I didn't really like the Alma until I tried it on yesterday. The black Alma with silver is so classy. I really like the Passy too! Let me know what you guys think!
  2. I say get the black epi Alma!
  3. i vote for the alma, too! ;)
  4. I like the Passy.
  5. I vote Passy!
  6. My vote is for ALMA!!!:love:
  7. Another vote for the Passy! It is on my wish list.
  8. passy!!! i love it! :heart:
  9. Alma has stood the test of time! Get the Alma!
  10. Epi passy for sure!
  11. Alma! The Passy is nice but doesn't ignite a fire in me.
  12. I vote for the passy:yes:
  13. I like the Passy!
  14. For an everyday bag, I'd go for a Passy.
  15. My :heart: for Passy:yes: