Help! Envelope or sharpei?!

  1. Dear ladies, i have been sleepless these few days debating if i should get the padded envelope or the sharpei! most likely i will get the envelope cos i am not too sure if i can take care of the sharpei since its lambskin! been thinking for almost a month and am still fickle! was actually looking at the cloudy bundle yesterday!

    so should i get the envelope should i get a black or grey? i only have a chanel wallet now, no bags yet so this shall be the first! haha but on the other hand, was thinking that the cruise collection will also have e new envelope right? (why can't i find that thread anymore!) so should i wait? dilemma dilemma! help pls!:girlsigh:
  2. Hi messylim, if you're going to get the padded envelope, I think you should get the black one. The reason is because black will definitely go with almost every outfit and it looks sleek and elegant. However, if it's going to be your first then I personally think you should get the sharpie just because the sharpie is very functional in comparision to the padded envelope. Also, it has the Chanel trademark chain that will really make it stand out. IMO the sharpie just look way better than the padded envelope but afterall, it's you who is going to make the decision. I hope this comment helps.
  3. you can't blame me for being partial heh cause i have a padded envelope in grey and i simply love it! it's just so divine and comfy, it's like a big roomy pillow! i'm no fan of lambskin either and i'm terrified of it, so sharpei is definitely out for me. the distress in the calf skin can be seen clearly on the grey leather, i'm not so sure about black cause the grey color was so divine that it caught my eye first! :graucho:

    if you wanna get a chanel, get it before november! there'll be another price hike on the classic flaps but i'm not even sure if the price hike would affect the others, who knows! it is very hard to say :push:
  4. The Envelope Flap (Black) will be great choice for an everyday bag, the Sharpei is gorgeous but the leather is a bit softer,therefore you'll want to babied a bit more, but both are hot looking bags!.:graucho::tup:
  5. Okay, don't throw rocks and stones at me but I don't "get" the Envelope bag for some reason, so I would say the Sharpei...but then again I don't have either one of these so it is just my two cents worth. Good lucking in deciding. :smile:
  6. I have several SHARPEI bags!Which do u want?The quilted or the smooth leather?and what style?
    Im about to get anOther Sharpei tomorrow too.I have been wearing my SHARPEI FLAP NON STOP..No wear at all to the lambskin..Looks like new and i HIGHLY recommend it.
  7. oh i love the look of the gray envelope
  8. Okay, I'm partial to the Padded Envelope as well! After seeing ladydeluxe model her Envelope I just had to have one. :p I ordered one from Neimans for the double points event and will be picking my black envelope up on Sat.!!
  9. I love the Sharpey flap-tote style, so my vote is for that bag. I prefer bags with chain or chain-and-leather straps. If the Sharpey had come in more colors, I would have been all over it. :yes:

  10. I have the sharpei flap.. and I use it quite often..

    Although I am extremely paranoid about scratching the lambskin, it has no scratch (yet) and it seems to be much more durable than I expected..

    Also, it's so soft and squishy.. I highly recommend it..
  11. I have both and they really are so different its hard to compare. Sharpei tote is a beautiful bag, luscious soft leather, but still a functional tote style, you might get more use out of this one, depending on how many things u normally carry with you.

    I have the envelope in ivory and it is also beautiful, but due to the shape (flat, square) it does not necessarily fit as much w/out compromising the shape of the bag. It definitely is a certain "look" and can appear more business or casual with the outfit.
  12. i have an envelope flap in grey and i ABSOLUTELY am in love with it!! :heart: I love the look of it. It is a very trendy+classic bag. I can almost wear it with everything! and the fact that i've never seen anyone with it makes me love it even more!
  13. I dont have an envelope bag, but I dio have the sharpei. I'd say go with the Sharpei! When I use it, I put it in the dustbag while I'm in the car just to make sure it doesnt get damaged. It only comes out when I get to my destination.

    Which sharpei were you thinking of?
  14. Thank yous to : me9xjr, ladydeluxe, thegraceful1, purrrfect, jill, laksalala, totoro928, pond23, mgdinosaur, goingindebt, pure_honey and omgsweet!

    jill and omgsweet: i am looking at the sharpei with the cc hanging or the flap...

    ladydeluxe: will the singapore store have a price increase in nov too?

    i was wondering if i should go try out the sharpey cos when i went yesterday, i only tried on the envelope! not too sure if the boutique has the sharpey i want either haha! i have this bad habit... dont like to keep trying and leave without buying haha... hmmm will make up my mind soon and buy next week! will sure post pix when i did!!
  15. haha for the record, i was looking around for grey shoes and bottoms to match the envelope already!

    goingindebt: you are the best person to ask since you have both!! i would certainly like to have both but that would mean that i would have to go in debt too!!

    jill aka sharpey expert: usually i carry quite a long of things, so will lambskin hold?

    ladydeluxe: btw i thought the envelope is goat skin? this was wad the sa told me yesterday at least