Help! Ending a listing in order to 'Buy It Now'

  1. Hi guys, I've seen a bag on eBay that I really want to buy. I contacted the seller to see if she would do a "buy it now" price she offered me an acceptable price. I said it was fine, but now she's come back to me and said she can't seem to find a way to change her listing to include a buy it now. I asked if she could end the listing and invoice me, but she's come back and said she doesn't want to violate any eBay rules. I can understand that (and I'm unsure whether it is a violation, I haven't had time to read up), but is there any way I can buy the bag from her at the agreed price and for her to feel comfortable about the transaction? She's quite new to eBay, so I suspect she's trying to do everything by the book, which isn't a bad thing, but I really would like to buy her bag as I won't be around for the end of her auction. She's also willing to sell it to me at a price that I'm fine with. I'd really like to try and find a win win situation for both of us. Any suggestions?
  2. I am fairly certain that you can't use a BIN to sell if you have less than 10 or so feedbacks, so if the seller is really new, maybe that is why? Otherwise, the seller can edit the auction to add a BIN.... hth a little -- good luck!
  3. She has 20 positive feedbacks, but seems to think she can't revise her listing to add a BIN. I'm sooooo disappointed, as I really would like the bag.
  4. She could always end that listing and re-list as a buy it now.
  5. Hi Westiegirl, wouldn't she have to pay double fees if she relisted? Sorry, I'm so unfamiliar with the seller's side of eBay. I've always been a buyer, but on this occasion it's such hard work.
  6. I'm pretty sure the seller can end the listing early and sell the item the current highest bidder. in other words, put in your highest bid at that BIN price, and then she can end it.
  7. It's very simple to revise he item to have it be a BUY IT NOW. I wonder if she's stalling.
    If she can't change it (which she can totally can), then you can bid on it, even though the starting price might be lower and she can end the listing saying that the price was agreed upon and then invoice you for the revised amount.
    Good luck!
  8. I think if she ends the listing due to an error in the listing she can relist and if it sells this time around her listing fee will be refunded.
    Maybe offer her a few extra dollars, if she's new she may not be familiar with the whole process.
    I hope you get the bag!
  9. Thanks guys, but apparently because there is a bidder already, it means she can't add a buy it now to the listing. She's uncomfortable with ending the listing and selling to me even though she offered me a price I was happy with. I guess if she's uncomfortable then I can't force her to sell it to me. :crybaby:
  10. if she has bids on it already she won't be able to do a buy it now . It will cost her to end the listing and start another one , i hate ending listings early cos it reallly puts you in bad light with buyers , i have done it a couple of times and got loads of snotty emails from watchers , ouch .
  11. If there is a bidder on it already she can't do any changes. Its best for you to just bid on the auction unless she cancels that bidders bid.
  12. Yes, this is why I don't do it as a seller. It can hurt you with your overall group of potential buyers especially if you tend to sell similar items over time and you want those people to come back to your future listings.
  13. I am pretty sure you could get someone to bid the item up to your agreed to price and then she can end the auction in her my ebay. I have had sellers do that for me before.
  14. She(seller) needs to relist her item and change an action format.
    Don't ask her to sell you this bag off Ebay. If she will not send this item to you you wouldn't be able to get your money back!
  15. Yes, you can absolutely do this. You put in a bid and then there's even an option in My Ebay for the seller to to "end auction to sell to highest bidder at current bid price". Maybe she doesn't know about this?