Help END pet (species-based) housing discrimination!!!


    Hi fellow TPF-ers! I've created a petition, found at the above link, to end the discrimination of pets in rental housing, because it is species-based discrimination. If you have a pet and you pay rent, this applies to YOU! It is discriminatory to not only completely bar pet owners from renting an apartment, but to charge pet rent and/or pet deposit UP FRONT, before any damage has been done and shown! Children are capable of causing equal or MORE physical damage to an apartment than a cat or small dog, yet children are never unfairly charged in this manner. Please help me in this important cause. It only takes a second to sign the petition, and forward it to whomever you think may be interested!

    Thank you!
  2. I signed! :smile:
  3. Huh?? Landlords can put in place any requirements about animals that they care to. It's not just a damage issue, it's an allergy issue for the other residents of the apartment building or complex (landlords have to more thorougly clean carpets etc in apartments that have had pets in them to prevent adverse reactions in future renters, and that costs more). There's a difference between "discrimination" and rules about pets.
  4. I have a pet and I rent. Yes, it is annoying to pay pet fees and to find a place to rent. But it is my choice to have a pet, and I am responsible for the ramifications. I respect property rights, and it is the right of the property owners to say whether or not they want animals on their property.
  5. As a former property manager and a pet lover. . . I personally can't sign that :sad:
  6. I can't sign this either. Big dogs do not belong in small apartments. Ever.
  7. Thanks to you all for your replies. :smile: Let me make a comment:

    Katheryn, yes you chose to have a pet, but, as people often realize, some people also CHOOSE to have children, and children do just as much or more damage to an apartment than one little cat. My main "beef" is that pet owners such as myself are assumed to cause damage up front! I have to pay pet rent and pet deposit UP FRONT...before any damage has been done, it's unfairly assumed. Yet it's never assumed that other folks won't damage their apartment to costs beyond the security deposit. That's what makes me upset. The assumption alone is discriminatory. If my cat and I are charged extra up front, right off the bat, then everyone should be, too.

  8. Didn't you have to put a security deposit for yourself when you first moved in? Essentially you are paying up front for damages that you might make before you make them. I don't see how this is any different for a pet. I kind of like the pet policy because I would be very mad if my apartment neighbor had a noisy dog that barked non-stop during the day or night. I enjoy my peace and quiet.