Help! Enablers and all, I need you! :)

  1. Okay, so as most of you know, my DREAM H bag is finally within reach-- the beautiful never really used black and white Herbag! I'm dreaming about this bag at night and SO thrilled, though I am paying it off bit by bit, and it will be a long time before I see it.

    Okay, so the problem is that I need to sell some of my bags to get it.

    I've already sold my nicest, most expensive Coach bag-- it wasn't that hard to let go of that one.

    But there are several more I need to let go of and I am having such a hard time!

    The first, I've included pictures of-- it's a matching set of Coach Crimson Stripe that I saved and worked hard for and loved. I still ADORE them; the colour is BEAUTIFUL. I haven't carried them in a while, but it's so hard to let them go. :cry: :crybaby:

    The second, is my only LV Monogram bag: a Sonatine. I still carry it, though not as much as my Damier Speedy (which I am NOT selling. I just can't).

    So help! Give me some advice as to how to let go of these bags! (Pics below... the ones I Need to get rid of, and the ultimate goal) I don't have very many nice bags so you can see how this is hard for me but I am hoping maybe in a few months when I have the Herbag in my hands, I'll forget about these? What do you ladies think? Enable me!

    TIA :flowers: :heart:
    LV1.jpg CIMG0568.JPG P5230431.JPG
  2. To me that would be easy, H is so much better. With the Coach you said it yourself, you haven´t carried it in a while, maybe that´s telling you something?
  3. I'd sell the Coach - keep the LV. It's different to your speedy. Also, as Nola mentioned, you haven't carried it in a while.
  4. See, I keep thinking I should sell the LV because I could get so much out of it! I think. I don't know. *sigh* I'm not selling my damier speedy, I just can't.
  5. Would you sell the coach as a set? How does that compare $-wise to the LV?
  6. When you have herbag in your hand, you will forget about the bags you sold. ;)
  7. Absolutely!!! :yes:
  8. THe red bag is $268 new, the beauty case is $88 and the wristlet is $58. I don't know if I should sell them together or separately.

    The LV has a little tear that was repaired professionally, I got it on eBay for $180, which was a steal. I don't know what it'd sell for, it retails for $685.
  9. I dunno much about Coach, so I dunno whether they are easy to re-sell or not. I'm thinking the mono LV might be easy to sell, there's always a demand for mono. Why not sell both the LV and the Coach so you'll have more funds toward your dream herbag, just a thought..
  10. In my experience LV is easier to re-sell than Coach (Or H for that matter). I sold almost all of my Coach collection except for a suede Gallery Tote that is my favorite. I regret selling some of the stuff I sold because it's not replaceable (past season stuff) and I didn't get a whole lot for it anyway.
    But if you want the Herbag above any other bag you should go for it!!! :tup:

    Also, keep your Speedy!!! :smile:
  11. That's what I would do :yes: Like ilovemylife said, once you have your beautiful herbag, you'll forget about the bags you sold ;) I'm glad you're keeping the damier speedy, though. Damier is :love: and the speedy is a classic.
  12. I look at it this way. If you want your dream bag sooner, then selling your stuff is the right sacrifice to get there. Furthermore, once you have an H bag, even a non-leather one, the quality is so lovely, you will not want to use your other bags anyway. That might want to keep one bag around for when you are going somewhere that isn't that nice and you'll want an older one so you don't stand out in the crowd, etc..
  13. This is so true! I say, sell your coach, and hold on to the Speedy. If you still need more to fund the H bag, then sell the LV mono as there is always a demand for it and you can move it quickly! Hang onto the damier speedy so you have a versatile collection!

    You won't regret it!!!
  14. Sooooo true!
  15. I'm echoing the others: hold on to your damier speedy! It is all season and will never go out of style imo. I have a damier alma which I love and plan to keep forever.