Help Emmy decide!!!!

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  1. OK so when I get the bug I get nuts...I can't decide which bag to get..I have finally found 2 that I w/ silver h/w...used for an everyday bag.....

    Joanna from Prada Hawaii sent me these pics..she is soooooo good!

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  2. The first one is BR3795..the second is BR3974...I like the first one I think b/c it can transition better in my wardrobe..but I love the ease of the tote..ugh..i'm getting sick over it!!
  3. Ah babe, the first one is too small, don't you think?? I like the secone one--good luck!!
  4. ^ Idk...It's deceiving...I'm waiting for measurements from Joanna...I won't make a decision until I figure out exactly what I'm dealing with..I don't carry a ton of stuff..but I like each bag for what it is..I am so screwed..
  5. I like the second one emmy:smile: The first one is small. But I like big bags. They have more character:smile:
  6. Ugh.. I'm not going to be much help... I really like the details on the first one, but yeah, I hear you... I like tote styles, too, because they're just so darn convenient.
  7. I like the second, BR3974.
  8. I like the first one, though it does look a lot smaller.
  9. I guess I would say no. 2, just for the fact that you want an everyday bag and sometimes you may want to carry more than no. 1 can handle?!
  10. I like the second bag better
  11. i prefer the second one, BR3974.... it has a nicer shape to it IMO.
  12. OMG thanx for all your comments...I'm just kinda hung up on the fact that the tote won't go from day to night..I wish I could at least one of these on sale..then I'd get both lol!! Problem solved!!
  13. #2, the first one is too small. :smile:
  14. EMMY! Don't you have a darling little Prada clutch to keep in No. 2 so when you go out, out it comes????

    Girl, if you don't, that's just what you need! :yes:
  15. I like the 2nd one better, but I'm partial to totes - love the ease of getting in and out of it. And I am considering getting this same one in silver that I saw on Neiman's site...:smile: