Help- Emerald dye is coming off...

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  1. Hey guys, I wanted to get some help to see if anyone has tried to re-dye their Emerald. Although I conditioned (coach conditioner) and what I thought waterproofed my bag (this generic leather waterproof spray), I got caught in a huge downpour and the handles rubbed off onto my sweater. Nonetheless, the handles are very light in color now and I wanted to see if anyone has tried to patch up these rough spot.
  2. WOW- could you post some pics??

    Mockinglee had a jade nikki that she died emerald on her own, and i believe it is the exact shade of emerald on the emerald MAM's. I have had the emerald MAB for almost a year now, and it got "sprinkled" on once but no damage was done to it.

    let me see if i can find mock's thread for you. She has what dye she used listed in there.
  3. Here is her post from the reference library:

    Original color: Jade
    Dye used: Tarrago Self-Shine Dye & Preparer Kit, No. 33 Dark Green


    Photo of stain on side of the bag, which was the reason for dyeing it:

    First coat:

    2nd coat:

    3rd and final coat:
  4. I will buy the dye, but I think that color is lighter than the original, I just want to do touch ups, not repaint the whole thing. I'll keep you posted on what happens.
  5. I have this bag too and I have posted somewhere about the croc trim parts looking dried out and showing white underneath. Uhm, I still haven't used this bag :Push: but I love to look at it! So I am curious to know how yours turns out.