Help! Eluxury RIP me off! Advice plz!!!!!!!!

  1. well...they aren't technically rip me off.But they own me the amount of $1980. During November 28, I purchased the Multicolore Aurelia GM for my mom as a Christmas gift. It turned out to be used and I had to returned the purse as a defective item :cursing:. I did not expect this from Elux but I guess they do happen. I returned it the following week and the purse arrived on December 12 at their distribution company. Now it's Jan 19...more than a month and I hadn't gotten my refund yet. Is this normal? It's a large amount for me bc I'm a college student and the heart coin purse will be available soon. I'll have to pay for them out of my bank account...but now I got a big hole in my bank bc of that $2000.

    I contacted them every week for the refund...and all I get are "please check back again soon"," we don't have any update for your refund ", or "i'll let the lv inspection ppl know immediately". I talked to the manager once and she promised she'll look into it...those r just bs...:cursing::cursing: What should I do now? WAIT???? Any advice....Is it normal for the refund to be more than a month? Am I overreacting?


    ps. My mom didn't get her first LV bc of Elux...uggghhh:hysteric:
  2. No thats abnormal...I purchased the white mc speedy a few years ago. Within days I was refunded the total amount. I'd definately get in touch with my cc company or bank...and get some straight up answers from Elux!! It's been awhile since I made a return but whenever I've made an exchange it's done quickly as well...alot of people seem to be having problems with Elux lately. I'd nip that in the butt asap.
  3. You need to talk to a supervisor - If they do not give you a satisfactory answer, Write a letter immediately and CC it to Louis Vuitton headquarters and the attorney generals office. That will get the job done. Good-luck!
  4. How did your pay for the bag ? If I ever have issues with a retailer in getting a refund, I always get Amex to go after them as well - they are really good at helping customers !
  5. I paid by my Bank account mastercard...I'm not really familiar with the return and exchange so I have no idea whether to call elux or my bank.
  6. Normally it only takes eLux a few days to a week to process returns. One time it did take them a couple of weeks to process one of mine because of holidays, etc.
    I wonder if they're backed up because they got a lot of returns/exchanges for unwanted Christmas gifts?
  7. This happened to me too a few months back. Some of you may have read my post about my dissapointment when I have finally gotten my Suhali Le Fab in black from elux and it was also used and the hardware was full of scratches. It did take them quite a while to resolve it (over a month). I did the same thing you did, called almost everyday and finally got Amex involved. I also insisted on speaking with a supervisor and it was finally credited back the next day. And I the next time I made a purchase, my total was discounted $50.00.
    So just keep at them, insist on talking to a supervisor and be firm. And do a credit card dispute with your cc company. Hope all works out soon, keep us up to date.
  8. sorry it happen to what was suggested by fellow user and hope u get yr money back:tup:
  9. So I just call my bank? I paid with my bank debit card. This is so confusing.
  10. yes call your bank. they will temporarily credit you while they look into the situation. at least htis is what bank of america and wellsfargo does
  11. How did you mail the item back? I sent mine UPS with signature and within a week and a half I had my credit. Did you trace that they have the package?

    But on the other side I returned an item to a Car catalog Co. on 12/26 and they just processed it 2 days ago. Maybe its cause of the holidays? Also some places go right into inventory.

    Just keep calling every day. Good Luck
  12. Wow. I'll be so upset too. Definetly call your bank. This is unaceptable.
  13. Def call your bank and talk to customer service, explain the issue they should assist you in dealing with elux. And hopefully having your bank on your side should push elux into putting a "rush" on your refund.

    This is poor customer service no matter where it comes from.
  14. I don't think a month is normal for any kind of refund, especially if they have already received the item. Call your bank and let them know, keep calling eLux every day to complain! Good luck & I hope you get your money back soon!