Help, Edith Owners!! Need Chloe Tall Edith Advice

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  1. O.K.
    I am really loving the look of the Edith....does anyone have the Tall Edith....and if so, how do you like it???

    I saw the Edith Bowler at Neiman last week and I really like it...however, it is HUGE!!!! I am thinking this would be a very hip diaper bag!! (as all my bags get used for that purpose!!)

    Any thoughts???



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  2. I'm totally not going to be of any help w/ the Tall Edith...........but I took my Rough Edith out today and thought to myself, 'boy, I really love this bag'. So there you go, I LOVE MY EDITH (and I wasn't in love w/ it when I bought it!). So hope you get an Edith her!!!
  3. Do you mean the Edith Shopper Tote?
  4. I have this bag and I love it!!! It's structured but the leather is smooshy enough to fold when I don't have a lot of tall items inside the bag.
  5. I luv my conteen tall edith, the leather is fantastic and it just gets better over time!
  6. I have a question re the Edith Shopper... does it fit comfortably over the shoulder or it it one of those bags that needs to be carried in the hand or in the crook of the arm? (I have never seen one IRL either... so any points to consider would be a great help :smile: )
  7. I wear mine comfortably on the shoulder, in fact, more than I wear it on the crook of my arm. Hope this helps!
  8. Thanks for the reply eucalyptic...
  9. I really like the tall edith style its so cute