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  1. I am tired of waiting for my Edith and have resorted to eBay but I am unable to tell the real Ediths from the faux. :blink:

    What sort of lining does the Edith have? Also, does it have any inside pockets?

    Thanks heaps for your help!
  2. You're looking for whiskey, right? It should have a dark dark brown lining - almost looks black.

    eBay seller leshent has a gorgeous whiskey for sale right now that isn't too horrendously above retail if you let the opening bid ride, and it's nicely scrumpled. 6872743288

    Chamois' should have a light beige interior. I bought mine from leshent although now that I've found the perfect whiskey I might let it go if that color interests you.
  3. grey should have a black lining.
  4. Oh, and to answer your other questions, it has one inside zippered pocket.
    A lot of auctions right now use real photos but probably send you a fake, and you'll notice several sellers are using the exact same photos. I surfed the eBay Edith market last night and then checked on iOffer and a lot of eBay photos are taken from the iOffer fake auctions. :mad: Just remember you aren't going to find an authentic one below retail unless it's used....
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