HELP EBAY WONT LET ME LIST! anyone else ever have this problem??

  1. omg so i kind of need the money and i wanted to sell my pink bubble earrings and my groom agenda...and eBay wont let me list it. idk why!!!! I have 100% positive feedback, my items are authentic. what gives! :cursing:

    has anyone else had this happen??? I wrote them an email and they said to try back in 6 MONTHS! What the heck am I gonna do!?!?!:tdown:
  2. It lets me list everything but Louis Vuitton. Which really sucks because all my stuff is authentic and i am always reporting fakes to them.
  3. Wow that's really really really strange. The only reason I couldn't list one times was because my fees were late.

    I'd post this in the eBay thread. They might be more helpful.
  4. Wow! That is strange!!!!
  5. Have you been selling a lot of LV items recently?

    Because, from what I've heard, they will only allow a member to sell a certain amount of LV items every week unless you have an extremely high reputation of selling tons of authentic LV.

    I'm not sure this is 100% positive though, an eBay seller once told me that.
  6. i have never sold LV on ebay before. ive sold coach, D&B, dior, mac, VB all with 100% positive feedback!
  7. yeah i thought about putting this in the ebay section...but this is specifically LV that it wont let me list. so i thought maybe here.