Help, Ebay suspended my account!

  1. Arh!!!! I got an email today from eBay..

    They suspended two of my account because they think I'm linked to another account which I've never heard of!!!!

    I'm more of a buyer than seller...

    Help~~ Has anyone ever been in this type of situation?!
  2. I am sorry to hear is a royal pain!

    I have heard of it happening. There is a "mad" computer loose at eBay that is doing the suspending. Seem like an AI thing. eMail Trust and Safety. They most likely will ask you to fax something in to prove your identity.

    In the meantime If you can still post on eBay head over to their boards and post on Trust and Safety. Those folks might have some ideas. You might also post a copy of what eBay sent you here. Other's who have dealt with this situation might have positive solutions for you.

    Good luck and keep us posted on what happens..the only good that can possibly come from this is that you will help someone else if they know how you handled it. Does that make sense?
  3. Did you check your ebay account to be sure this was a legitimate email?

    If it is, write to trust and safety and explain the situation.

    Does anyone in your household have an ebay account? If one of your kids got suspended, they suspend all members registered to the same address.