HELP! Ebay suspended my account because...

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  1. Can someone please help me?! Ebay suspended my account because they claim that I am linked to a suspended user. Here is what happened:

    When I was pregnant with my twins I met a group of women on a website who were all due in the same month as myself. About ten of us agreed to start emailing each other instead of going to the discussion board and work like our own support group. I especially took a liking to one of the women, Crystal, and when her twins were born (one with a bi-lateral cleft palate) I would send her money from time to time to help her out because she and her husband were struggling and I was able to help. Sometimes I would come across an auction on ebay where the seller refused to ship to Canada so I would have the package shipped to Crystal and she would ship it to me.

    Crystal and I lost touch about the beginning of last year. She started hinting that she wanted money more often and I just couldn't help her that much. Plus it seemed that when I would send her money to help "fix the roof" or pay for the "car insurance" she would use it to buy frivolous things instead. She was now expecting monetary gifts all the time and I couldn't deal with it anymore.

    About two months ago I came across an auction with a BIN that required immediate payment but the seller did not indicate shipping charges for Canada. I quickly changed my shipping address to Crystals and, after I won the auction, I asked the seller to ship to me in Canada. The seller refused and we then agreed not to complete the transaction because I really did not want the wallet to be shipped to Crystal. I only used her address to buy the wallet and nothing else.

    Three weeks ago I did the same thing. This time the seller agreed to ship to me in Canada and there was no problem. Until last night that is. Ebay suspended my account because they linked me to Crystal. Apparently she has been really naughty on ebay and has been defrauding buyers. I tried explaining my story to them and they refuse to reinstate my account until the issues with Crystal's account are resolved. I buy and sell Chanel handbags and Crystal sells clothe diapers and baby formula. I am in Canada and she is in Michigan. I have/had over 450 positive feedback and have been with ebay for 5 years with no problems. Crystal on the other hand, it seems, has not been as good. How they can assume we are the same person just from the address I don't know?!

    Does anyone have any suggestions - PLEASE?!!!:wtf: Ebay was therapeutic for me - it saves my sanity. I have four kids and an old fashioned husband and I loved making the extra money on ebay. I also loved having a new Chanel handbag for a month or so until I sold it. Please give me your suggestions:crybaby: Thank you for listening!
  2. I am sure others will help out, but while I was impressed with you helping someone financially I was disappointed to find out you used her information (mailing address) when using BIN. Not only is it wrong to use someone else's personal information, but it isn't fair to the seller who may not ship to Canada. It is dishonest.
  3. I have to agree with Pink....changing your address for the sole purpose of winning an auction then springing your real Canadian address on the seller is, ummmm, despicable. If I were your seller I'd be seriously pissed off.

    As far as how you get unsuspended, perhaps others will be along that can help.
  4. I would never have done this had the seller not indicated in his auction that he ships to Canada. He forgot to put Canada in the shipping details and the cost to ship to Canada. Since his auction required immediate payment I needed a US address in order for ebay to calculate the shipping cost and for me to pay. The seller two months ago did the same thing too. She indicated in the auction description that she ships worldwide but didn't provide a shipping charge in the shipping details and her auction too required immediate payment with BIN.


  5. I know that you wanted the item, but there isn't an excuse for using someone else's personal information. It is wrong and there isn't an answer that would make what you did justified. What if the s/h charges were more than you were willing to pay? Does your friend in the States know you are doing this? Is she okay with this? Sounds like you should be suspended. :tdown:
  6. I know that sometimes people get an itchy finger and want to hit that BIN button so bad, but the proper thing to do is to contact the seller prior to purchasing anything if it is not indicated on the auction on whether or not they ship outside the states.
    I don't understand why you would have used this person's address prior to her getting booted from ebay in the first place? Was it to bypass customs or duty taxes?
  7. That is what I thought to (about shipping but she said that the sellers ship worldwide), but still not excusable for using BIN and someone's addy that isn't hers. What kind of values are being taught to her children? Lying is lying and an excuse doesn't make it right.
  8. I have used Crystal's address as a shipping address in the past with her permission. Shipping charges have never been the issue when I make a purchase on ebay and I always pay the extra charges to make sure the package is shipped Global Express. I once paid $100.00 for shipping with Global Express only to find that the package had a postage mark of $19.70 on it. But I see your point and you are right - I should be suspended from ebay. Thank you for your time.

  9. I totally agree with you. I just can't imagine why someone would use someone else's address, unless it's to bypass something in the first place. Something doesn't add up to me.
    I have some Canadian buyers who head south to Florida for the winter and have two addresses listed on shipping, one for when they are home and another for when they are on holiday, which is totally justifiable in my book, but why use another person's address?
    I know for a fact that an international buyer who uses a BIN with immediate payment is given the time for the seller to adjust the shipping costs whether the auction indicates international shipping or not. So I don't understand why she would need to use this person's address in any given circumstance.
  10. You are right, I didn't even think about that. Why would the change of address even be needed in the first place. Something doesn't add up. Something else going on here? Why did you use your friends mailing instead? You were able to use BIN, so I am confused why you didn't use your own address in Canada?
  11. If the seller did not give an actual shipping charge and did not indicate in the shipping details that they will ship to your country then ebay cannot calculate shipping charges for a BIN that requires immediate payment. I tried to buy it without changing the address and it wouldn't let me. The seller wrote in the auction description that they ship worldwide but they didn't put it in their shipping details. When I come across auctions that don't ship out of the US I always ask if they will ship to a friend in the USA should I win the auction. If they say no then I don't bid. If they say yes, then I bid and ship to Crystal. I did not have time in this case because the auction was for a very in demand item that I have been wanting for a long time and someone else would have bought it. I was in Chanel ready to buy this item but couldn't afford the $1400.00 price! It was quicker to change the shipping address than it was to email the seller and wait for a response. I did not know that Crystal's account was suspended in April and that by using her address ebay would assume that she and I are the same person using different accounts.

  12. Why didn't you want this item shipped to her in this case?
    Just wondering, in no way attacking... just so you know.
  13. I am simply saying that you should be suspended. Also, I can't imagine a seller saying yes to having an item shipped to a friend. It would just add more concern and responsibility for the seller if they did that. However, I am sure there are sellers out there that do that. Hopefully you realize what you did was wrong, I don't know what else to say.
  14. After the twins she had another child. From an email sh sent the twins group I learned that she had a fifth child again this Spring also with a cleft palate. If I had it shipped to her then she would have started asking me to help her out again and I would not have been able to say no. I don't have the money anymore to help but would have felt guilty if I didn't.

  15. Ok, well hopefully you stick to your home addy from now on.