Help Ebay sellers of Chanel

  1. Question...when you list a Chanel bag or expensive bag on eBay what is the best form of payment? I want to list several bags but do not want someone to purchase and use it for 2-3 days then want a return and file a Paypal claim. Certified bank check?:confused1:
  2. You could put in your posting no refunds...but anyone would want to be able to return it if it turned out to be fake. You could say that no refunds unless its for authenticity reasons. But paypal is the best way to go to protect you and the buyer.
  3. The only thing is that with paypal even if "no returns" is stated they can still file a SNAD claim and most likely will win. I had a buyer claim my bag smelled of smoke (no one here smokes) and won the claim even though they'd had it for 18 days! I'd go with a certified check, although you may want to consider that some people won't bid if you don't take paypal. Personally, I wouldn't (bid if no paypal was accepted).
  4. How about putting a price tag like department stores do so that buyer has to cut tag to use then they can't return. BTW, this question belongs to eBay forum I guess.

  5. Great idea!!! Never though of that! If they do use it that would only be the way I would know & if there was a paypal claim that could be my defense (in such case). I've heard so many horror stories so I wanted to make sure. I thought that the certified thing was a bit too much because Im not sure I would do it if I was a buyer. Well I guess the tag thing would be my best bet. Everything I sell is 100% Authentic (especially the Chanel bags) so authenticity would not be a problem. Thanks ladies!
  6. Good idea. If you do a search of this sub-forum you'll find some helpful, detailed suggestions on tagging bags too which might be useful.