Help!!! Ebay seller won't give refund for a handbag!!!

  1. So this is going to be a long post! I bought a handbag off a seller on eBay and it went really bad! I'm hoping that you guys can give me some advice as to what I should do about the situation! Well here it goes..

    So I purchase this bag off eBay and the seller does not have very much feedback but she has all positive feedback and 1 neutral (because someone received a brand new bag with discolored handles). Well so she shipped the bag out (from the US) and I was thrilled because it arrived here in Canada the next day (but i had to pick it up in person on monday...)

    Well when I opened the box...

    The all white bag had blue marks on it!!! It was rubbed all on the sides and on the leather strap and on the botton of the bag (both the back and the front of the bag had blue marks!!!) I'm not sure what its from but i'm guessing probably denim??? Some spots are lighter but some are darker! She sent me the wrong care card (it was for a different bag) and the item tag but some spots were cut out!!!

    So I immediately sent her a message saying that i received the bag and that I would like to request a refund because of the blue marks. I even forwarded the email where she told me that the bag was brand new and flawless!!! I took some pictures of the bag and I sent them to her as well!!!

    Well she reponded this morning and she said that when she shipped it out the bag was brand new and flawless like in the pictures because she sent that bag...well the bag in her auction listing does NOT HAVE PLASTIC WRAPPED HANDLES!!!

    I emailed her back saying that i'm not returning due to buyer remorse, I would absolutely keep the bag if it was brand new! I also mentioned that the bag that I received came with PLASTIC WRAPPED HANDLES!!! (Different bag maybe???) I also opened a dispute with paypal and i have never done this now i'm not sure what to do next!

    I'm worried that the seller will not give me a refund...I also feel that the seller thinks that i'm trying to scam her and i'm NOT!!! I just simply cannot accept that bag as being in brand new condtion!!! What shoud I do? Do you guys have any advice on what i can do??? Should I escalate my case with paypal or should I wait??? Help!!!
  2. As long as you returned the bag with a DC # you should be fine. You should also go ahead and escalate your dispute to a claim. Once you escalate it, paypal will tell you to return the item and then provide the tracking #. It is pretty easy and self explanitory.

    They will refund your money and original shipping.
  3. Did you pay with a credit card? If so, contact your credit card for instructions on how to proceed in order to dispute the charge.

    I had a similar situation. This is what my credit card company told me to do in order to dispute the charge. Take photos of the item to show the reasons for the return. Make a copy of the listing including the "brand new bag" wording and the photos of the flawless bag. Email the seller that you would return her discolored bag. Then, proceed to return the bag with tracking and signature confirmation. Submit to your credit card company the photos, copies of the listing, a copy of the signed receipt from the seller for proof of return, and an explanation on why you want to dispute the charge. My VISA credit card company says VISA will be on my side, and will fight to get my money back. Perhpas, check with your credit card company to see what they say.

    Of course, BEFORE you actually file a dispute with your credit card company and return the bag, you should first open a dispute with Paypal for items significantly not as described.

    Honestly, for myself, I do not know if there is a good chance that Paypal can get my money back, a 50-50% chance. However, I have full confidence that my credit card company can reverse charge and get back my money. Hope you have a great credit card company on your side, too. (This level of confidence is the reason why I always try to pay with a credit card, and never have to depend entirely on Paypal.)

    Good luck with your case.
  4. I once bought a LV Tango that was described as like new and when I opened the envelope it was an old piece of trash, although the pics listed on eBay looked great. I tried disputing with ebay, paypal and my CC and not one of them favoured my side. Ebay sent me to paypal because I paid thru them and paypal respond was everyone's interpretations is different. HELLO, I know the difference between something that is like new vs an old stinky bag. My CC won't do anything about it because they would only dispute if I didn't receive the item. Oh, to top it off, the damn paypal even froze my account for nearly 3 months because of this stupid claim.

    Good luck and pursue as far as you can and hope they favour you.
  5. Well I escalated the claim with paypal and wrote this long informative post to them describing what had happened. I still have all the emails and I can send it to them. I can provide them with all the pictures too...

    I paid through paypal but I believe that the seller did not take credit card so then I had to pay through echeck. Which I believe is almost like doing debit.

    I am not sure if i should send the bag back and get the tracking number because paypal has not told me to do so. The claim is pending and I have not heard from the seller at all. Should I send the item back and get the tracking number to give to paypal or should I wait until paypal tells me to send it back or when I talk to the seller?
  6. Don't send it back until paypal tells you to == I would check with them first.
  7. You should wait for paypal to tell you to send it back, I thought you said you had already returned it.

    Paypal will tell you when, and make sure you pay for a dc#, I would insure it if it were me.
  8. ok thanks lulilu and 4theluvof-it, I will wait for paypal to contact me!
  9. is it really bad if you do not pay using a CC through paypal???
  10. Hi you have to escalate it to a claim as soon as possible!! You only have 10 days (I think ) after filing to escalate-after that if you haven't done it you will be without any protection from Paypal at all!! You can always cancel the claim if you decide to ship it back with tracking (you have to provide this to Paypal) and they send you a refund. You can also ask the seller for a partial refund to pay for the damage. It is quite obvious they are lying to you so don't let them get away with it...good luck!
  11. And do NOT send the bag back without parcel tracking, if you have no proof of returning it then they can claim that they did not receive it..then you will really be stuck.
  12. No, it's not "bad." The paypal claim should get you a refund, but if you pay with a credit card, you can also try to do it through the credit card company.
  13. Well, it is not very bad. The use of a credit card gives you an extra layer of protection, the level of which depends on the credit card company. I know Amex is excellent in reversing charge without giving me much hazzle, and so is my Visa card.
    As I said before, Paypal is not completely hopeless, but the chance of getting money back is 50%-50%, as opposed to 99.9% with my credit card company and 100% for Amex.

    Since you did not pay using a credit card, do not return the bag unless either the seller or Paypal asks you to do so.
  14. Ussually they are pretty good about snads no matter how you paid. Don't close the claim, you can't re-open it if you do.

    Keep us updated
  15. Thanks everyone for all your advice!

    I would not like a partial damage refund from her! Blue marks on a white lambskin leather handbag:sad: it will probably never come out!

    I'll keep you guys updated on the progress...

    Is ebay always this difficult? It just does not seem to work for me!