HELP! Ebay seller sent me a second chance offer???

  1. This is in regards to

    I received a 'second chance' offer in my email saying, the buyer backed out? Have any of you pfers had this experience with ebay?? My friend says its a scam??

    Heres my email :


    Congratulations! You have received a Second Chance Offer on the item entitled: '' AUTH LOUIS VUITTON SPEEDY GRAFFITI MONOGRAM PURSE BAG '' (Item 280010997685) for your last bid price of US $1, 000.00. Our seller: made you this offer because the winner of the auction is unable to complete this transaction at this time. This transaction will be made through eBay and will be supervised and protected by the eBay Safe Harbor Team with the new Buyer Protection Program offered by eBay. Transactions with this eBay seller are covered by purchase protection against fraud and description error.


    Then the disclaimer at the bottom of the email:

    If this message is an offer to sell an item without winning it on the eBay Web site (including Second Chance Offers sent through My Messages) please do not respond to the sender. These "outside of eBay" transactions are unsafe and not covered by eBay purchase protection programs.
  2. Second chance offers are legit as far as I know. It's an option a seller has if the original buyer backs out.
  3. I think it's a scam. You should only be able to communicate with seller via eBay otherwise it may be somebody who got a hold of your eBay ID (because the bidder's list wasn't private) and wants to scam you out of your $$$. Be careful. Click on RESPOND button and see what eBay ID you get!:idea:
  4. I definitely think it's a SCAM!!! Second Chance offers are directly through eBay...going with one outside eBay will most definitely be a scam!!
  5. ^^ Ditto, you'd have to do it through eBay still I believe.
  6. I've gotten a second chance offer before as well. It was before I was on tpf and it was for what I now believe was a fake MJ stam. I got into a bidding war and decided that if I keep uping my price, it's not meant to be. So I think the seller was playing me and I passed on the second chance offer. I just don't think it's worth it.
  7. yes be careful. Contact the seller to make sure they sent it to you.

    I sent a second chance offer on an item that was selling before and it has to be done directly throught ebay.
  8. Thanks guys!!! Im so naive, since I saw all the DO NOT CLICK, I didnt want to ruin my chances of winning. :lol: Great idea Irene. :idea:

    I had my doubts about it, but I never had a second chance option. Im currently in contact with the "seller" through email. I think Im going to harrass "her" until Im really sure its legit. My friend just said to me that, if it was a good seller, they wouldnt mind the questions.

    So I guess I have a pending "bad ebayer" to add to the list. :yucky:
  9. This is definitely a scam. I've done 2nd chance offers before and it has always been through Ebay. There will be a message in your Ebay inbox and in the section labelled "Second Chance offers" in your "My Ebay" section. Never contact the seller *outside* of Ebay privately to accept a 2nd chance offer. The fact that it asked you to contact her privately and specifically said "Not to click on the respond now button" is a huge red flag. People have been scammed where their info is stolen via this method.
  10. Thanks so much everyone for your input. Im just going to flag this as SCAM.

    I am adding this eBayer to the BAD list. eBay Member: stanglau
  11. I agree - second chances offers are ONLY sent through Ebay!
  12. All messages that are legit from ebay go to your My Messages area of your ebay also as well as your email. This sounds like a messgae from someone who saw you bid and wants to just take your $$.
    I have gotten 2nd Chance offers, but they go though ebay,the seller and go to My Messages area.
    I also get a TON of fake emails trying to pass as ebay. Be careful and never sign on to any of them with your password!
  13. maybe the seller wants to avoid the final fees. Maybe it's the result of a shill bidding.
  14. I was thinking of the same 2 things too. They might want to avoid the final fees or the seller did some bidding to up the price and they won it.
  15. It's such a scam! don't fall for it!!!!!!