Help! Ebay Second Offer Incident (scam)! What Should I Do?

  1. So i'm sure that by now quite a few of you in the Fendi forum know that I have just purchased a Fendi Fortuny Spy off of eBay...

    Well the seller was really nice and everything, she gave me the tracking number and I have been checking it and it is in Vancouver just not delivered to me yet. (I'm expecting it tomorrow.)

    Well anyways today I checked my email and there was this email from a completely different email address than the sender that I bought the handbag off of and the title read "Second Chance offer for Rare Fendi Spy Fortuny eBay number *******". The item number matched and it read that he (this email came from an address with a guys name and the seller was female) said that he was offering a second chance to purchase this handbag for less and to let him know if I was interested.

    Well being here at TPF, I have heard about these scams where they lure you off eBay and this in no way was linked to me from Ebay. So out of curiousity I emailed back asking what all of this was about (Just to see what he would say but not to actually re-buy something that I bought already) So my next question is what is going on here? Is this an email from someone unrelated to the sale? If so then how did he get my email? Should I be panicking about my bag, which I will probably have tomorrow? Should I let Ebay know, although this email did not come from Ebay?:confused1:
  2. I received a lot of those emails. I normally just forward to ebay spoof. I think your bag is fine. That guy just tries to scam you. You either just ignore it or report to ebay. And I wonder how they got the email address too.
  3. I had made an offer on the same listing but you won it. I also got a second chance offer today for the same fortuny spy from a different email address which has nothing to do with ebay. I think this is a scam. The seller is actually a tpf member. I don't know who this other person is but I'm pretty sure its a scam. If you won it why would you get a second chance offer? We should report him.
  4. That means this guy was able to hack into eBay's system and get your e-mail addresses. Please report him! People like him are making eBay a landmine field to navigate around.
  5. first, never respond to these emails. they are wanting your email address. report them to ebay. i think the address is
  6. Just a thought, but is your Ebay ID the same as perhaps ",,, etc???

    They could have hacked into the Ebay system and got your e-mail address or they could have also just taken a chance and sent those fake 2nd chance offers to all the above hoping that one of them was the correct addy?
  7. weird thing is that the person already got my email address somehow!!! I was like wtf...I just wanted the response so then I would have something to send to Ebay as well!!
  8. We should definetly report him...he sent me another email address saying to send him my mailing address...yea! I'm going to send this information to Ebay right now!
  9. this is pretty common, unfortunately. Def. forward the email to and delete it!

    If you get one of these types of 2nd chance offers via your personal email, you can check for validity by signing into your My Ebay page and checking your messages. If it's a scam, it will NOT be in your messages on your My Ebay.

    HTH! :flowers:
  10. I had a similar situation yesterday. Some guy offered me 2nd chance on Blush Jumbo Chanel. I emailed him back asking him to remind me what my high bid was since I don't remember. He had my email address obviously AND was able to tell me my high bid!

    How's that possible? I can't see other bids for that auction, just my own.

    Anyway, sent the email to spoof @ ebay and got confirmation that it's fake.
  11. ^If you are the second highest bidder, your bid would be one increment less than the high bid.
  12. Yes, I did the same thing only mine was a Best offer! And this person still knew how much I bid!!! SCARY!!! I sent it to as well!!! I just don't understand why these people go around trying to scam innocent people, its horrible!!!

    Good thing we know whats up!!!:tup: