HELP! Ebay Scam?

  1. ok, so here's the deal.
    i bought this coach photobook on eBay with BIN.

    here's the link -

    well, i went to pay, and it wouldn't let me because it required a confirmed address.
    well, i don't have a confirmed address because I don't have a credit card. whatever.

    i contacted the seller, and said, "I bought your item with BIN, and I went to pay. It wouldn't let me because it said that I didn't have a confirmed address. Nowhere in the auction did it say you required this. Please advise."

    and this is the response I got back from her: "
    Hi. We do not require the confirmed address, Paypal does to protect us. If you want to ship it to an unconfirmed address you must pay shipping insurance. Best Regards Niki."

    I KNOW PayPal doesn't just "do it" to "protect them", because I have bought FAR more expensive things off of eBay, and PayPal, obviously, does NOT require a confirmed address. This is a load of crap.

    What should I do? Please Help! :s
  2. If sellers want to be protected under Paypal's rules, they are supposed to only ship to confirmed addresses per Paypal so it's not a load of crap.
  3. A seller can set up their paypal account to only accept payments from confirmed addresses. I don't think a lot of people know this/do this though, so that's why you haven't encountered it before. Paypal does nothing to protect a seller who is defrauded if they send to an unconfirmed address, so it's understandable why more and more people are choosing to not accept paypal for payment from an unconfirmed address. HTH.
  4. No where in her directions does she state that insurance is required if you don't have a confirmed address. Personally, I don't sell to addresses unless they are confirmed to protect myself but that's my choice, not paypal's. She's wanting to protect herself though against a chargeback and honestly, I can't blame her for that. She should have stated this in her listing though. And insurance should only be an additional $1.65 I believe. Insurance protecs you as well.

    ETA: I had no idea that there was an option to accept payment only from confirmed addresses! But this is still the choice of the seller not paypal. Sellers can choose to sell to non-confirmed addresses and again, I can't blame the seller for protecting herself with insurance and delivery confirmation.
  5. Actually, a confirmed address IS to protect the parties involved with the transaction. It makes all the sense in the world.

    It really goes down to fraud prevention/protection issues. A confirmed address becomes confirmed when PayPal verifies that the address used on a credit card matches the shipment address. This is to ensure that the person using the credit card really IS the cardholder.

    Is there any specific reason you don't use a credit card for purchases through PayPal?? 99% of the people here on tPF recommend the use of a credit card, JUST IN CASE something goes wrong with a purchase and a dispute does not end favorably for you. (Say you were "baited and switched" and got sent a fraudulent item, if you for any reason lose the dispute, you can still do a chargeback to recoup lost $$$)

    Bottom line is: PayPal isn't perfect. eBay isn't perfect. Nobody is perfect, and it's up to each individual to shop cautiously and protect their own interests.
  6. Hi I'm new to this forum but I sell on eBay and Paypal does not require a confirmed address the only thing it does is mention is that the Item is Ineligible for Seller Protection Policy unless the following is followed:

    Okay so I quoted most of their policy but I think it's useful. I've shipped to Ineligible buyers and had no problem. I did add Deivery Confirmation, Insurance, and provided the tracking number via eBay and Paypal.

    I think you should contact eBay as she didn't state that you'd be responsible for Insurance if you paid from an unconfirmed address.
  7. Sellers can set their PayPal preferences to allow only buyers with confirmed addresses. PayPal only protects sellers if they send to a confirmed address. I sell on ebay myself and while I haven't set my preferences to only allow confirmed addresses, I do have it stated in my auctions that buyers must have a confirmed address. Even so I still get buyers with unconfirmed addresses, which to be honest, makes me uneasy. I would feel much more confident sending to a confirmed address. On higher-priced auctions, though, I will only accept payment from confirmed addresses. Your seller probably should have stated in her auction that she only accepts payment from confirmed addresses. But as others have said, requiring a confirmed address is standard (and necessary) PayPal policy.
  8. I don't see a scam in here anywhere - just a seller using the strictest Paypal settings to protect themselves.
  9. I would pay the insurance, it is not a lot.
  10. I don't think you need a credit card to have a confirmed address -- you can confirm your bank account...
  11. That seller is most def not out to scam you - they are actually very good Coach sellers. I wouldn't worry -

    In the future please know that confirmed addresses are a form of protection from scammer buyers. The fact is YOU could be the one up to no good, and if so, the seller would be the one out of luck if a dispute comes up. ok please do not take what I just stated in a personal way because I am not saying anything about you in particular, this is a generalization as far as buyers without confirmed addresses are concerned.
  12. i dont see no scam ... i agree with every1 else

  13. ITA it is up to the seller although it may not be on the auction terms - they will not be protected should the bag go missing in the mail.
  14. I would just pay with a money order. Ask if you need insurance if you pay with a MO...
  15. Insurance is only $1.30 and you would be protected if it gets lost. No scam here. The seller have all the right to ask for a confirmed address. I saw the terms of sale on her ME section but I totally think they should be listed in the sale as well. Either way if you don't want to pay insurance just sent a money order like suggested.