help ebay scam what do i do?

  1. ebay is terrible i bought an "authentic mizi vienna" or so i thought but it was completly fake the seller used an authentic pic in his auction and sent me the worst knock off i've ever laid eyes on. no one on ebay can be trusted. if you see nollieflip222 run for cover. he doesn't even have the balls to return any of my emails i guess he thinks he can just avoid me forever. i opened a claim with paypal and opened a dispute with my bank but im still waiting for a reply. the auction number was 110033471847. i think you can type it in the search bar and it should pull it right up.
  2. i think you're doing everything you can- you should be covered by paypal.
  3. Wow, sorry to hear about the scam--I hate sellers like that. In the future, ALWAYS avoid sellers who refuse to make their feedback public. Private feedback + private bidder = NO SALE!
  4. And please, please, please ask for additional pictures every time. Esp. when there's just one in the auction :wtf:
  5. he made his feedback private after i left him bad feedback. why do sellers make listings private?
  6. :cursing: :cursing: :cursing: :cursing: :cursing: :cursing:
  7. hmmm...either way....a REAL vienna mizi would not have a starting bid of 299$ unless the seller also put a reserve to the auction.......
  8. For various reasons... some do shill bidding, others just want to protect their buyers from being flooded w/ spam e-mails.
  9. i just figured he really wanted to get rid of it. i know it was stupid but i've wanted one for sooooo long and when i saw it i got excited.
  10. Yes, I know, that is how I lost $700 on a fake Fendi Spy. Hang in there with Paypal, that is probably your best bet.
  11. Sorry to hear that.:sad: Chances are, you never will hear from the seller again and you prob. have 50/50 chance of getting your $$$ back from PayPal. DO keep us posted. In the future, do your research. An authentic bag like this (that retailed for US$2700.00) should have never been listed for less than US$2200.00 - US$2500.00 (depending on the condition of it) to begin with. I don't care how badly seller needs to get rid of it.
  12. I had once bid on a Trapeze bag and lost, and some other Ebay seller emailed me about how they had one up for sale and etc.. and that bag looked quite fake. :yucky: THAT is why some sellers list the acutions as private.. and then of course there are the ones who ae just scammers. :Push:
  13. thanks for all the info i'll keep you posted
  14. wait i only have a 50/50 chance of getting my money back from paypal? what about from my bank i used my credit card so they can do a charge back right?
  15. You are better off contacting your CC company and asking them to credit the charge back (but wait till PayPal ruling). PayPal rarely rules in favor of buyer, esp. when the buyer's excuse "goods not as described". And, even if they do rule in your favor, I doubt the seller has any money left in his/her PayPal account for them to take back. Good luck.