Help! Ebay purchase!

  1. I purchased the Bleecker large duffel on eBay. It was listed as blue and the pictures had a blue tint, but I knew that sometimes the Ink color looks dark. So I finally got it, and it's black. 100% black. The seller listed it as all sales final and has not responded. What should I do? How long should I wait until I file with paypal? So disappointed!!!!
  2. oh no! You sound positive it is black, I do know the ink is a dark blue. How long ago did you contact the seller? Even if they say sales are final if they misrepresented the item that is not the case. I would give them a couple of days and then file a claim. It never hurts and sometimes that is all it takes to get them to respond. Good Luck!!! :tup:
  3. maybe they sent you the wrong bag and had several up for sale, but sent the wrong box? I would give them the benefit of the doubt and contact them and tell them you bid on a BLUE one! If they tell you it's black, then I would open a dispute....unless you like the black one better!!! Good luck! With a misrepresented item, you WILL win and this was clearly misrepresented!
  4. BTW I could be wrong but I think the black ones sell better because last I checked they had not been marked down or sent to outlets like the other colors. :shrugs:
  5. I've seen the ink. I'm sure it's black. I bought it thinking it was the ink since I know it can be dark. I only paid $210 for it (haha sad when we say "only" $210 lol) but I don't need a black duffle. blah what a day!
  6. lol I hear ya' on the ONLY part! :p How long ago did you get it/contact the seller?
  7. they didn't have others for sale. I just don't need a black duffle and really wanted the ink blue. Hopefully we can work this out quickly and painlessly....
  8. I would just tell them that you thought the bag was going to be blue as stated in the auction and the bag they sent is black. If they are unwilling to help the paypal claim will work in your favor since the bag was misrepresented.
  9. yesterday, which I know is not long, but I just want a) my blue one or b) my money so I can buy a blue one lol