help-ebay newbie need help adding BIN

  1. Hi, I just got an email asking if i would add a BIN to my auction. I told her yes and what the price would be. Now do I wait for another email, or do I add the BiN option and hope she takes it.
    Thanks- I just never did a BIN, and am afraid it will scare away some buyers ,cause maybe they will feel that their bids won't win them the item.
    Thanks so much:smile:
  2. I usually refuse to add a BIN if asked after an auction has begun, because I feel the request for BIN indicates that there will be more interest. If you did give her a price, I would sit back and wait to see if she responds with approval before you add one. Just my opinion. :smile:
  3. Thank you! Thank you!
    Now I don't feel sooo confused:heart:
  4. Ask her what is her offer, tell her to bid that much on the auction, and you can choose to end the auction early to sell it to her. It's cheaper than adding a BIN into the auction.
  5. Oh, that's a great idea! How much more is a BIN?
    That's good because then the Ball is in their court. I was a bit taken aback when she asked, because I know it could bid higher or lower than I'd like. I think I gave her too high of a BIN price!