Help: ebay/NAP shoe issue


Shoe Maven
Jul 3, 2008
I am going to try and be as succint as possible here. I am at my wits end :sad:

Bought these lovely heels off an equally lovely ebay seller who had bought them from NAP. They arrived exactly as stated with the NAP tags on and everything. However there is what I can only describe as a design fault. The studded T bar is not wide enough to clip as it should. I think this could be remedied if the stretch bit at the back was actually stretchy! Alas, it is not, just ruched. It explicitly says on the site that it is elasticated but it is NOT. If it was, there wouldn't be this problem hence the fault.

I received the shoes yesterday and just to make sure I do not have monster feet have had 2 other size 5 friends try them on and none can do them up. It is most definitely a design flaw.

Really love them and don't want to send them back so haven't emailed the ebay seller yet. I did however email NAP advisors direct to ask if they were aware of any design fault with the shoe but I have not had a response which sucks (was about to place an order for a wishlist item but totally put off now).

Without sounding like a simpleton, what should I do? I feel like I am having such a bad run with my shoe purchases lately :sad:


killing them softly
Feb 27, 2008
Contact the seller.. I doubt NAP will do anything for you since you didn't purchase them directly from NAP. Sorry this happened to you :sad:


Feb 27, 2007
Austin, Texas
Have you considered taking them to a cobbler to open up the ruched part and insert elastic? The shoes were a great price, so it would be a shame to send them back if it could be fixed for a few pounds.