HELP!! EBAY cancelled my auction

  1. i know a lot of people on here has had experiences with eBay canceling their auctions bc of trademark issues or what not. but how do i make sure my LV purse and agenda don't get taken off? i have a friend who tried to sell her coach wallet and got her auction canceled by eBay and she put it up like two more times and then they finally kicked her off eBay!!! the sad thing is that it was an authentic wallet! what are the steps i need to take to make sure i prove my LV authenticity?
  2. It helps if you have the receipt, offer 100% including shipping if they get a signed letter from LV that the bag is fake, etc. Another words, sell Ebay on the fact that your bag is REAL. Also show lots of closeup pics of the bags details that only LV has.
  3. alright thanks, i'll try that. i just hope ebay doesn't suspend my account anyways :sad:
  4. I am sure that if it is authentic, you can work it out with them. I have seen so many YSL Muses that are fake and they are still there. I am reporting those. It is not fair!! Good Luck!
  5. a receipt helps b/c they may ask you to fax it to them.
  6. eBay no longer accepts receipts as proof of authenticity as of last week.

  7. Allison - somehow I missed this. Do you have a link to eBay that tells us what we should do now?

  8. eBay never posted it like they never posted the whole counterfeiting thing. It was on the CSA, SPA, and T&S boards.
  9. the only thing you can do as of now is just plead your case with eBay. Persistence pays off.
  10. I must start lurking on the T&S board. Thanks!

    P.S. My Chanel just sold so hopefully I will be out of the hot seat for awhile.
  11. My auction just cancelled and I am fighting with ebay right now,it is a shame that all of us trying to sell authentic items are getting the boot and all these low life scum who are selling fake handbags are getting away with it.

  12. :wtf: