Help! eBay buyer sent back fake! PayPal is enabling scammers!

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  1. Does anyone have any advise that they could please share? eBay found the case in my favor, but then the buyer opened a case through PayPal. Despite all the evidence I provided ( eBay's decision, receipt of authenticity, picture comparisons and police report), PayPal still found the case in their favor. From PayPal "We have completed our review to your appeal for the above case. The damage noted in your appeal was cited by your buyer as the reason for the complaint. Therefore, our original decisions remains." Their claim was that I sent a fake...geez.

    PayPal just keeps giving me the run around. What happened to seller's protection?! Is my only option left a civil law suit?
  2. Oh no! Was it a bag that you sold?
  3. Have you been working with a supervisor at PayPal or just a random person. I find that their staff are usually not helpful. I even had one that told me just to ask for the person's address and mail my item even though it violates the protection policy.
  4. Ask to speak with a supervisor or someone in their fraud department.
  5. This!

    Have you submitted side-by-side pictures of what you sold and what you received back?

    What is the buyer's ID for blocking purposes?
  6. Yes, please do share.
  7. No, it's not your only option. It depends on how much the total was I think but I was scammed out of a Burberry bag once when a scammer bought one from me, claimed it was fake and then sent the "return" to an unoccupied townhouse within my zip code. Since PP automatically considers a delivery to the correct zip code as "delivered" they gave the buyer their money back. I got documentation from the PO that the package had been addressed to completely the wrong place and that they had delivered it to said place and faxed it to PP during the dispute but they still closed the appeal.

    In any case, I just had to keep calling back and asking to be escalated until I got a manager who apologized and gave me my money back. The higher the cost the less likely they are to pony up but eventually you will get someone who realizes that you won't give up until you get satisfaction. Be prepared to spend hours on the phone, though.

    If you don't find yourself making headway you may also try posting publicly addressing their account on Twitter.

  8. Yes.
  9. Supervisor was no help at all and a complete jerk. This is what he said, "no matter what evidence you provide, we will find in favor of the buyer... s/he claimed they received a fake damaged item and so PayPal expects for a fake damaged item to be returned."

  10. Yes, the comparison photos submitted didn't matter. philena86 and lenasworld24.
  11. That's a sickening response. I wish you got a good buyer. Stories like yours remind me why selling expensive things on EBay is not for me.
  12. philena86 and lenasworld24

  13. I'd keep calling back until you get satisfaction..

    It can be time consuming but you have a shot!!

    Don't give up as challenging as it might be...

  14. Thank you for your story... it gave me hope until I finally spoke to a manager that did not help me at all.
  15. Thanks, I wish I had a good buyer too. I have never had an issue like this before... very expensive lesson learned. PayPal's "Seller Protection" means nothing!!!