HELP!!! East & West Bag

  1. For all the Chanel Experts.....Can you please help me solve my problem
    I got a chanel bag, I think its called the EAST And West bag (small flap with single strap) but on the box it says SAC Class RABAT....So I was wondering for all the ppl who bought a east and west...does it said that on your box? I got it in 2006......And, if you can ...can you please kindly leave the style # so I can compare with mine...THank you
  2. my box says "sac class rabat" as well.

    Here's the numbers on the sticker...

    Sac Class Rabat

    Violet Fonce (27)

    Hope this helps!
  3. Thank you so much...!!
    I'm kinda of confused...cuz I always called this bag Rabat and no one understand looking at this forum ...I saw another name for bag purse (East & West bag) so Rabat is East & West bag...? the style # is the same...:wlae:
  4. sac class rabat is on a lot of bags. . . it's not a name or anything, it's VERY general.
  5. ^^This is true. I had a Jumbo Flap came in a box that said sac class rabat.
  6. Yea, like swanky said, rabat refers to tons of bags.

    East west is the more common name for the bag you got but even some SAs don't know which bag that refers to so "classic flap with single strap" is probably the best description, haha.
  7. The East West is called the Baguette in Europe.
  8. ^^
    Yes. I was told by my SA that the official name was baguette and east/west is a popularized name in the States similar to the GST or PST.
  9. it's also called the pouchette at times.
  10. Sac class rabat is indeed very general.
    You will find these on all the flap bags, rabat stands for flap :smile:
  11. "rabat" in french means "flap". so that's just a generic calling :smile:
  12. When I talked to the Chanel customer service rep (the 1-800 number), they didn't understand me when I referred to the "E/W", but when I told them it was also called the "pochette", they instantly understood which one I meant. I guess they refer to it that way? I still call it the E/W though, lol.
  13. As Swanky mentions, it is very common. I wouldn't worry about it. I have several East Wests', and all of the boxes say this. Also, the box won't necessarily go with the purse--at Neiman's my SA will often go to the back and find another box if the purse I am purchasing doesn't fit. Hope that helps!
  14. ^You know, I do wonder who came up with the name E/W. I've only met one or two SA's who actually called it the E/W--everyone else calls it the Pouchette!