HELP! Earrings or Cuff?

  1. I need everyone's opinions...I really can't decide which to get right now....

    These earrings in small or medium

    Or this cuff...
  2. I love the cuff! It will stand out more than the earrings.
  3. Get the cuff!!! You can get those earrings any time. I have always loved that cuff!!!!
  4. i want the earrings!! I have never seen them at the boutiques, only in stupid chinatown :sad:
  5. when i bought mine, i had to ask about them because they don't display them
  6. ohhhhhhhh. ok, thanks!
  7. Id say cuff.. although there is some new chanel jewelry thats gorgeous
    my mom was fighting with herself whether to get a pair of hang down chanel earrings in gold or a gold cuff that i believe said 'L'Elegance est in la ligne' which means the elegance is in the line. =] i wanted her to get the cuff. I think she might order it.
    but check out some of the new stuff before you make your decision! =]
  8. I love both! Yet I'd say the cuff- so cute.....
  9. I like the cuff! :yes:
  10. No doubt-- get the cuff. The cuff is a statement piece and I think you can get tons of wear out of it. I have the earrings and I think they are just ok.
  11. I love the cuff! You should get it. You can always get the earrings later.

    Does anyone know how much the cuff retails for?

  12. $140
  13. Oh, that's not a bad price. I think I'll get it because I wear a lot of black and I should get a lot of use out of it. :smile:
  14. Get the cuff. I want it also, but didn't know where I could get it at. Anyone have a clue where I can get it? PM me please!
  15. I'd get the cuff, it's a show stopping piece that you will get lots of wear out of, and can be mixed and matched with every outfit, because of the statement colours!
    I also think it's such a good price, how could you say no, lol!