Help Dying Hair Please!

  1. Hi, Im new to the forum so I apologize if this question has already been answered at one point.

    My goal is to have dark brown hair. I had it highlighted all summer and i dyed it solid dark brown a week before christmas, with a semi permanent. So now, you can imagine it has faded to a reg brown with brassy highlights.

    I want to have dark brown hair, i dont really mind if the highlights come through a bit lighter, i just hate when it fades and they go brassy orangeish.

    So, what is my best bet? Should I use a permanent? If I do, any suggestions before hand? I am just very tired of it fading away:sad:

    Thanks so much!
  2. This is what color my hair was before i put the semi dark brown over it.
  3. I don't think there's any other option if you can't deal with it fading. A semi-permanent color will always fade as that's what they're meant to do. What is your natural color? I ask because if it isnt dark brown naturally you would have to re-apply a color periodically anyway (for your roots) and a semi-permanent color will do less damage to your hair. Then again, you can do permanent color on the current highlights and then switch to semi-permanent for root touch ups to avoid so much damage to your new growth.
  4. What is your original hair color? I think light blondes can run into problems darkening their hair. My Scandinavian flatmate's hair turned green when she wanted it brown!
  5. ^ Very true. My hair is a gold-ish color- I'll attach a photo so you can see. I did it at home in college and it was a mess. It was brassy, turned orangish-green, and I had to get it color corrected. I'd make sure to go to a professional so he/she can pick a good shade.
  6. Permanent is best...semi-permanent washes out very quickly (for me at least). I use Garnier Nutrisse hair dye and since my first time using this product, I haven't used anything else since. I have naturally jet black hair and the first time I tried it, I dyed it a dark rich brown and it came out AMAZING. My hair hasn't felt that good since I was a kid. I used it to cover a highlighting disaster (I put wayyyy too much bleach too many places) and my hair was disgusting...fried, damaged, colour was awful. I used Nutrisse and it gave me an amazing colour, and gave all my highlights a dark colour but they were still there. I definitely recommend this product :tup:
  7. Karman, I want to touch up my roots by myself soon. I am Korean so naturally I have black hair. Can you recommend a shade of Garnier dye that will work for me? My hair is darker now than in my avatar. It's a medium-dark brown. Thanks!
  8. To the OP: Another vote for Garnier Nutrisse! I find it's the least damaging of at-home kits and has a nice array of colours. Just go look and find what you want your hair to look like. One side of the box has examples on what the colour will turn out like depending on the shade you have now. I just did my aunt's hair a couple weeks ago and it was lovely!! She had blonde highlights all over and we used a caramel brown with a hint of red. It did cover very well!
  9. Go to a salon & get permanent color. It will still fade but not nearly as much as semi.
  10. Hmm...since you have naturally black hair (like I do) if you go to the store and look at the Garnier shade swatch on the top of the boxes, I'd say go two shades darker (unless you're at a dark dark brown/black of course...those show up better since they're so close to our true hair colour). They have the swatches on the side of the box too that shows what the colour may look like on black hair (some say not recommended but I've tried them anyways!)

    Looking at the Garnier website though, if your hair is a medium-dark brown, I'd suggest Dark golden brown (Cocoa bean) #43 and maybe even medium ash-brown #50...since I'm not sure what the "undertone" of your colour is (golden/neutral/reddish?). All of the colours I've used have blended in wonderfully with my previous colour (I usually change from shade to shade) and all I have to remember to do is cover my roots fully and remember to comb the dye down after 10 minutes or so and let the colour dye the rest of my hair too so it blends in...

    I truly love this makes my hair so so so shiny and soft, and my hair actually feels healthier after the treatment. I do my mom's hair now too! She used to go to the salon but it got a little too expensive for her. Her hair is really, really thin so she only needs like 1/3 of the dye so occasionally I use the rest on my hair (with my just-past-shoulder-length hair, I use a whole bottle)

    Good luck!
  11. Thanks so much Karman! I think it's pointless to go to salons now because I know what colors will work for me..I don't need a professional to help me choose color. Dyeing hair is really easy so why waste the money you know? I think I'm going to try it out soon. My hair has golden undertones. My hair is actually too dark for me right now. I want to go lighter..something more noticeable. My hair is a rich dark chocolate brown. I said med. dark brown earlier and I think it counts more as dark brown. I think I'm going to use one of the nutri-brown dyes. It's supposed to lighten dark hair.
  12. ^^Just be sure the color you buy not only works with what is on your hair now but also what you have underneath. How many shades lighter do you want to go?
  13. ^ I think I might want to try highlights actually. I don't want to dye all of my hair right now..I like the color it is. It's so rich and it looks really healthy. Some highlights that are noticeable but not like BLONDE would look nice I think. So if my hair is dark brown, what shade would you girls recommend? Thanks so much in advance! You are all such a great help. Sorry I hijacked the thread. :s
  14. I just wanted to point out how pretty Elizat is (even with her face all scribbled out)! :nuts:

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