HELP!!!!!!!!!!! Dying from itchy belly syndrome!!!!!!

  1. I have about 7 weeks left to go and I guess now is the time where my lil' boy is really packing on the pounds. In turn, he's stretching me out to full capacity! Just yesterday, my belly started itching me like CRAZY!!!!:wacko::wacko:

    Can anyone recommend a good cream to use to alleviate the itching/scratching???? It's even waking me up at night!!!! It feels like I have a yeast infection on my stomach! (pardon the crude analogy but I'm desperate!) :sweatdrop:
  2. Ah yes, the joys of the third trimester....:p
    I didn't really have any problems with any of my four pregnancies, but I heard that a nice cocoa butter would be good. This link also seems to be nice as well...I like all natural type items, for sure...! ;)
  3. Try Aveeno oatmeal baths, or their anti-itch lotion. If that doesn't work, take some Benadryl at night. If it's horrendous, see your OB. There's a thing called PUPPS, which you can get in pregnancy, but you should see your doc about.
  4. RIGHT! Pupps!!! I had them on my tummy! RIGHT!!! Old age is setting in....;)
  5. Oohhh, that drove me nuts during my last few weeks!! My belly was constantly red from the scratching that I did...It itched so bad :sad:

    My midwife gave me a cream to spread on my belly since none of the regular creams (Nivea, Aveeno, etc) didn't help me.
  6. Use the clarines tonic oil-best product ever to avoid stretch marks and it works on itching too. good luck!
  7. clarins tonic oil?? Is that something I can get at sephora, etc?
  8. ^^nevermind..just found it on the sephora website!

    Thanks everyone for their suggestions. I'm willing to try anything! ugh, the joys of 3rd trimester is right!! :push:
  9. The best I have used is a brand called Trove. I also use Earth Mama stretch oil but I find it a little oily under clothes.
  10. ^^Trove? Never heard of it? Where would one get that?

    Also, does continuous scratching promote stretchmarks or am I just being paranoid? :confused1:
  11. Good Luck! I've never had that-but I feel for you! I hope it goes away soon!!
  12. Keep moisturised from the inside, drink plenty of water. Hope it helps!
  13. Try Eurax anti-itch cream.
  14. Where can I get that? :confused1:
  15. Gosh I remember itchy prego belly. I used olive oil (Which is great for skin).