Help- Dyed part of my hair black

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  1. In an effort to save some money I decided to dye my own hair, I basically had a few stray grey hairs & wanted them gone. I had medium brown hair & bought a medium brown over the counter hair dye & now parts of my hair are almost black, the color came out uneven. Does anyone know how I can get back to my medium brown, do I have to bleach it, is it even possible? Any experience with black hair would be great.
  2. You have three choices.

    a) have it professionally corrected.

    b) get the same color and dye it all over the same color and then let it fade for the next 6 weeks.

    c) wait about a week or two and then buying a shade or two lighter and then dye your entire head.
  3. ^^ Have to agree!

    The only other thing which my friend did and I accept no responsiblity for this is that she used a bit of sun in on the black bit to lift the colour and it seemed to work.

    I personally would get it sorted professionally.:smile:
  4. once you go black its hard to go back, you have to lift the hair color. Like others have said i'd go to the salon and just see if they can put some hi-lights in to get your through the growing out stage of that color. With some hi-lights it will hide the uneven color.
  5. garnier makes a dye that dyes over dark hair and makes it light again w/o bleach. i was going to use it to go back to my natural light brown but its been fading naturally. i found it at ulta by the way.
  6. My stylist always bleaches when I want a different colour after dying it black, so my advice would be to go to a pro and see what they can do. I don't think doing it yourself would be the best way to go.
  7. Go to a pro, you don't want to mess around and have your hair turn orange or break off. I really don't think you could correct this yourself.