HELP!!DS or US??

  1. Should I get the coral US or the red DS??
    Plz help me decide!!!:s
    coralUS.jpg redDS.jpg
  2. I love the coral Ultimate soft.
  3. red diamond tote! :love:
  4. omg I love both!!!! But I think I like the DS just a bit more....
  5. Ds!
  6. the red DS, it's so so hard to find that perfect shade of red, not too orange, lipstick red....! but they are both HOT!
  7. Red DS:tup:
  8. Coral US
  9. where did you manage to find a red diamond stitch tote..
  10. DS for sure.
  11. DS! Looks awesome!
  12. hmmm.. i like the US shape better, but the red on the DS is gorgeous... both are great....
  13. Red Ds!
  14. Red DS.
  15. I prefer the red DS, but I really like the colour more, so I think that is swaying my decision!