HELP! Druclean only clothes in the washer

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  1. I just recently hired a new housekeeper (whose Enlgish is not so great) and came home to a disaster this morning. I had left some clothes n the kitchen table to be drycleaned later and came home to find them missing. I found two theory skirts, a Cavalli dress and a brand new $1350 Valentino silk skirt in the washing machine with my husbands black pants and socks!!! The damage me be irreparable. THis is over $2000 of clothing ruined by this woman's foolishness. What to do?
  2. I'm sorry to hear that. I would fire her, she obviously doesn't know what's she's doing. I don't want to sound mean, but I work with people whose English isn't very good, and if they can't understand you, there's no point in hiring them in the first place. I don't know if you could get anything back for the ruined clothes though.
  3. Instead of putting them in the dryer, I hope you took them out and hung them to dry. Most dry clean only clothes will not be harmed by a washing machine. Heck, dry cleaning isn't "dry" anyway; clothes still go into a vat of water. Sure, there's more agitation than the dry cleaning process, but clothes are surprisingly resilient. Reasses the damage when you've had a moment to unwind. If they really are ruined, I'm sorry. That's such a disappointment.
  4. I have had this happen before!!! A few times time it was with my husbands brand-new Armani suit. Came home to find it hanging up to dry!! Another time it was a mass of my cashmere sweaters!! I know you are really upset...but did you specifically let her know not to wash these items??? The only reason that I that I had to remind myself that my cleaner did probably not have any clothes that were dry-clean only...therefore would not have much knowledge about what can and can't be put in the washer. I am now extremely anal about keeping my dry-clean only items in a separate place and letting it be known what they are!!! It must have been a mistake born out of ignorance on her part....
  5. i think if you weren't explicit about not machine washing those clothes, and she's a good and hard worker in everything else, and understood all your past instructions in english, then maybe you should give her another chance? also, if you didn't dry them in the dryer, you should ask your dry cleaner if they're salvageable.

    i understand you're anger, i'd totally be the same way, but i'd also have to assess the situation before making any final decisions.
  6. Did you tell her it was "Dry Clean only"? ,if you didnt then you are the "foolish" one.Im sorry that your clothing is damaged. If I was a house cleaner,and saw clothing out on a table,it probably means that it has to be washed (Then again I would be smart,and wouldnt wash silk with socks..)
  7. Often times clothing is marked dry clean only as a way to cover the butts of the clothing manufacturers. It is usually ok for the things to be washed, but better to be hang dried as lacherig said. Unless it was washed in really hot water and the colors bled, it should be ok. You may want to take them to the cleaners to have them pressed and/or steamed though.

    Good luck!