Help! Drooling over Chloe Paddington

  1. I want it, i want it!

    I bought a mulberry Roxanne a few months ago and love it but the desire to buy a new bag has come back, I thought it would have stayed away for at least of few months more :crybaby:

    How can I rid myself of this desire. Husband would kill me if I ordered another bag, but i'm sat looking at them (and even considering which colour I would get)

    Please help, my marriage depends upon it!
  2. don't know what to say other than tell him you got in on sale.

    I know what you mean about the desire for a new bag. Once you start its hard to stop. Its an addiction.
  3. When's your b'day, anniversary, or other occasion? Just move up the celebration!!! Tell him to consider it a "reverse IOU". Good luck (BUT keep in mind: 1 marriage, many bags!)
  4. ITA with cgsprings! I have a dior on the way via fedex for mother's day. Then I'll have to wait until fall for anniversary gift or christmas!
  5. Eh... I was under the impression that the Paddington was on it's way out? Plus it's just incredibly heavy unless you remove the lock, even then it's sorta heavy.

    bagsforme, love your avatar. I also have chinchillas! :smile:

  6. i just got my choco paddy last month and it really is quite an amazing experience, enjoying that smooshy dark brown leather. but i don't think paddy's going anywhere. in fact a lot of designers are mimicking the design.

    to the OP - can you wait till Christmas? this really is worth waiting for... and the prices will be really low by then. currently, i think diabro has the lowest prices.